Reviews by Simon Pitt
27 November 2001 - November 2002

Reviews by Simon Pitt: [February - March 2003]

12" Reviews : November 2002 - Version 3.0 [Balloon Records]

Five track EP, starting off with 'indurro - rockin' which is a happy tune with a funky feel but bit too cheesy. Next up 'cheifbrothersproject - housefire' which is a another happy nice tune but nothing compared to the happy commercial feel of 'x-trim - all my dreams'' with some nice Ian Van Dahl style vocals but not as cheesy, the riff is really nice with it's deep bass, worth checking out. On the flip we take things a little harder now with 'thomas pogadl &andreas kraemer' which is an acid techno wihch means business. In my view the highlight from this EP this tune is a solid straight to the point techno mashup. Finally ''miss distress X - annd the beat goes' which is a hard trance tune which starts off well but your get bored of it before it ends.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/02

Bandotozz - Melodia / Andiamo [Balloon Records]

Three mixes of Melodia starting off with the 'Banditozz Joins Dj Andy Garcia Mix'. Melodia is basically a cheesy dance tune it dosen't really do anything for me, this mix is the only with a little hope with it's vocals it could get some mainstream commercial success but it's cheesy sound is just too much. The other mixes 'Original Club Mix' & 'DJ Calvo vs Chip Remix' are even worse and lead nowhere, unfortunately not much more can be said for 'Andiamo'. A very strange release

Rating: 4/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/02

The Elite - 5 Seconds 2 Terminate [Future Sound Corporation]

Every time I recieve a package from Future Sound Corporation it's always like opening a present on Christmas Day because you never know what's in store but you KNOW it's going to be good. This time is no exception '5 Seconds 2 Terminate' is a hard trance monster by The Elite who are 3 UK DJ's. The 'Original Mix' is an uplifting hard tune with a floaty riff. It's brilliant in itself but as you might expect with having the 'Trance Generators Mix' on the flip, it has some stiff competition. The 'Trance Generators Mix' has a typically thumping bassline along with it's dark nature and purely Future Sound Corporation feel to it. Easily one of the top labels in Europe right now for putting out the harder side to dance music this just add's to the amazing catalogue the Italian label has. A must!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/02

System F - Solstice [Tsunami]

Ferry Corsten (a.k.a. System F) returns with another huge release on Tsunami. The long awaited 'Solstice' is a trance tune typical to the style of the production style of Dutch producer Ferry Corsten it's a nice release but the B-side 'Out Of The Blue (Ferry Corsten's 2nd Edition)' is the real find on this release with it's purely brilliant anthem style riff this is a tune your be hearing for a long time to come, tuuunnneeeee!!!!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/02

Flutlicht - The Fall [Drizzly]

Following on from Icarus this hard trance release is long awaited from Flutlicht and a must for anyone who enjoyed Icarus when released. The tune is a massive trance release with its pounding bassline, sensational riff and of course the vocals following on "Icarus left his guide and drawn by a desire to reach the heavens, took his course too high. The burning heat of the nearby sun softened the scented wax that fastened the wings and the wax melted. Icarus moved his arms now uncovered, and without the wings to drive him on, vainly beat the air. The sea received Icarus and from him took its name". Do not miss this tune.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/02

Melville - Far Beyond Your Thoughts [Axwax]

German label Axwax's latest offering is a track with many elemts combined. Starting off with the 'Search7 Remix' this track has a deep bassline with a nice trancy riff, a hard mix with an uplifting feel good factor this is definitely a tune to close your eyes to and let it take you away. On the flip we have the 'Stoneway&Smith Vocder Mix' which has a more electro feel to the break, it definitely keeps the Gatecrasher sound about that track yet add's a bit more spice.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/02

Green Court - Silent Heart [Logport Recordings]

Uplifting trance from Green Court on Logport Recordings, the 'Cub Mix' features uplifting vocals from Lina Rafnwith with the sound of dolphins in the background. The 'Flutlicht Remix' takes out the vocals and increases the pace, adding a more euphoric feel to this trance monster. Massive!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 25/11/02

DJ Robert & The Martinez Bros - Dreaming about Paprica 2003 [Planet Traxx]

The Original Mix isn't featured on this release but from the quality of the remixes on this release I would have been interested to hear it. Starting off is in my view the best mix on this release the '2Play Remix' bringing Gatecrasher style euphoric trance to your ears this mix takes you to tall the places you could want your mind to go it has great percussion and is perfectly blended together. Superb! Also featured on this release on Planet Traxx is the 'Factor E Remix' which starts off with hard dark bassline yet as the track progresses looses the hard feel for a more trancey tune. Finally the 'Dave Joy Mix' which you could say combined the euphoric feel of the '2Play Remix' with it's euphoric trancy feel and the 'Factor E Remix' with it's hard bassline. Overall this is a huge release on Planet Traxx with the '2Play Remix' taking the honours for me.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 25/11/02

Johanna Martes - Volar [Multiforce]

This release is quite surprising in that the Original Mixes are so different from the two remixes on this release. The Original (Extended Mix & Radio Edit) is a commercial mainstream uplifting slightly cheesy trance tune. I could imagine this having some success in the Italian pop charts with it's vocals and happy feel. Then what really surprises you on this release is the 'Alex Bartlett Remix' which completely strips the track apart and takes the once happy vocals and gives the women attitude before kicking into a hard bassline along with its dark kick. In a final twist of things we have the 'Hypno Mix' which turns this once cheesy track into another whole new tune with it's euphoric intro yet keeping the bassline similar to that used by Alex Bartlett in his self titled mix. Very strong release which will appeal to many different tastes.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 24/11/02

Venus - Venus [Multiforce]

Starting off with some euphoric Italian vocals Alex Bartlett's two mixes of this release are both hard and uplifting, the strange thing about his mixes are they feature both English and Italian vocals which is a nice feature not often seen. The 'The Darkside Of The Moon Mix' also stands out in this release with it's drum & bass style.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 24/11/02

Ado & Montorsi - Bass Drum [Sound Barrier]

The 'Bass Mix' is a hard edge stomper from Ado & Montorsi, starting off light and thumping in to a hard bassline hard enough to knock over anyone. The track has a nice break too starting off deep then turning uplifting with its catchy riff. The hardcore bassline thrown in here and there adds to the perfect effect. A must! The 'Drum mix' takes on a similar feel as it progressively gets harder. Two strong mixes on a very strong release.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 18/11/02

Ado The Dream - Brain [GAS Europe]

Two mixes of Brain from Ado The Dream & Beppe Barlli. Firstly 'Trance Europe Mix' which as you may expect from the title has a very European sound about it, which works very nicely in the break giving it something of a euphoric edge. The flip offers something very different in the 'Too Heavy Mix' which kicks off with a heavy bassline with some rough sounding noises adding a certain industrial feel to the mix, the further you get into the tune the harder and better it gets. Nice!

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 18/11/02

Andrea Kristal - S.O.F. EP [GAS Records]

Starting with 'Serotonic' a dark and mysterious tune with a thumping bassline pounding into your body again and again, there are three short breaks but the tune is mainly about the hard edge. The flipside 'x-orient' takes on a more funky feel. It's only a two track EP but 'Serotonic' makes it all worth while, definitely worth checking out.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 18/11/02

Giogrio Martini Feat. Manny - Alien [GAS Europe]

Starting with the 'Martini Original Mix' this is a trance tune with a break to remember, the track builds itself up towards the break when the vocals "Don't worry I'm on my way back now, there's no need to worry about sub-base 19.. I'm coming home'. Then into a really nice trancy riff comes in before kicking back into the tune. The flipside offers a more deeper and faster mix with the 'Beppe Barilli Remix'both are similar.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 18/11/02

George Sky - Hell E.P. [GAS Europe]

Three track E.P. from Bruno Giorgio (a.k.a. George Sky) starting off with 'Luxury' which kicks off with the vocal "your message received.." then kicks in to a hard bassline, the tune soon changes and moves into an uplifting break. 'Anger' is for me definitely the find on this EP, the way it kicks in makes this track a nice intro to a set, its dark bassline with dark edge work well together. Finally on the flip we have 'Sloth' which again has a similar intro to 'Anger' but does a lot more, the dark edge in the break sounds really effective and makes the tune stand out.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 18/11/02

DJ Gio Mc-505 - Android's Society E.P. [GAS Europe]

Time to bring back good old 80's electro. Side A (the electro side) has two mixes of 'Commodore Generation'. The 'Ural 13 Diktators remix' which is a classic electro tune with lots of classic video game samples thrown in. The 'Insert Coin Mix' has a classic video game intro, this is definitely one of the strangest tunes I've received this year! On side B (the techno side) we have two more tracks, 'Polandroid' is a semi dark techno tune with a number of changes within it that make it. Last off 'Postindustrial Warriors' which is another nice techno tune from this four track EP.

Rating: 6/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 18/11/02

12" Reviews : October 2002

Firewall – This is not a love song [Club Tools]

Kicking off with the Maxi Version, dark edge to this track called ‘This is not a love song’ which are the vocals used within the track, a nice bassline to this release with changes in the right places. Nicely made. The Toxic Twin remix adds a nice funky edge with the Elecktro Mix adding as you might expect, a more electronic sound to this three mix release.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 08/10/02

DJ Atmospherik – Will you remember me? [Progressive State Recordings]

This remix of the Original (which is on the flipside) called ‘Dj Spoke vs Vespa 63 mix’ (the founders of the Swiss label Progressive State) was the Mainstation Anthem for 2002 (Zurich). Solid as a box of nails and ten times harder! Brilliant track. Do not miss!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 08/10/02

DJ Hunter presents Club Wizards – Floorburn [Progressive State Recordings]

Back again the inspirational production skills of DJ Spoke & Vespa 63 hit us with a remix of Floorburn, Hard Trance again hitting us in all the right places from PSR label. The flipside we have the Original which is slightly harder and darker than the DJ Spoke & Vespa 63’s remix with some nice and funny vocals thrown in just right. Superb!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 08/10/02

Jason Nawty – All This Scratchin / It’s Showtime [12 Inch Thumpin Hard]

On the ‘Info Side’ we have ‘All This Scratchin’. Funky Hard House intro with some scratch samples, nice but dosen’t do much. On the logo side ‘It’s Showtime’ brings some nice effects and you have to love the breakdown with the famous American boxing intro sample ‘It’s Showtime…’ then BOSH BOSH BOSH, brilliant stuff.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 08/10/02

12 Inch Thumpers 50th Release – Chiller Productions [12 Inch Tumpers]

Long awaited 50th release and it’s right up there with the best of them, kicking right off with the Club Mix of Don’t Stop, this is a huge release, grab any copies of this as soon as you find them! The breakdown is brilliant with perfectly used vocals. MASSIVE!!! On the flip we have ‘Popular Place (Remix)’ with a hard solid bassline this fast paced remix is equally stunning. Overall one of the strongest overall release’s on 12” Thumpers ever. DO NOT MISS IT!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: October 2002 Review Date: 08/10/02

Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care [Tidy Trax] CAT: Tidy181

First produced in the V2 Productions Studio (Birmingham) in the early hours of the morning ‘I Don’t Care’ was the work of that night in 1997. Some five years later and a long awaited remix has come from the one and only BK. Keeping the same feel of the classic yet giving it the BK sound this is definitely a worthy remix. A must!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 9th December 2002 Review Date: 09/10/02

The Freak – The Melody, The Sound [Tidy Two] CAT: Tidy113

The Freak (BPM Dance, Jinx Records) kicks this production off with a straight up pumping ‘Original Mix’, back from his remix of Ewok’s ‘Supersound’ and receiving support from Jules and Pearce this will no doubt further the Freak’s name in the UK a trance tune with anthem potential. On the flip we have the ‘Flutlicht Mix’ taking things deeper. Don’t miss!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 2nd December 2002 Review Date: 11/10/02

DJ Spoke – Ignition [Tidy Two] CAT:Tidy112

Originally released on the Swiss label Progressive State ‘Ignition’ has already been a hit, along with the original S.H.O.K.K. mix this release comes with the fresh remix from Nick Sentience. Standing up to any S.H.O.K.K. influenced track is a challenge but Nick Sentience really comes through on this remix, the deep feel of the break combined with the explosive energy this well produced remix hits you in all the right places.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 25th November 2002 Review Date: 11/10/02

Da Techno Bohemian – Pump Da Bass [Tidy White] CAT: Tidyw05

Two mix release kicking off with the ‘Freaky And Dirty Dub’, a funky number which has been getting plays from the Tidy Boys and is a great track to mix with lots of little samples. The second mix going by the name of ‘Street Force Mix’, a harder remix with techno influences, the strongest mix on the release, turn your bass up!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 11/10/02

Riot Brothers – Flashback/Guyver Unit [Tidy Two]

Perhaps the hottest producers right now on Tidy’s label the Riot Brothers fresh from remixing ‘Heaven’s Cry – I Don’t Need This’ and give us two new tracks, first off Flashback which with its solid bassline’s and quick yet catchy riff keep’s to the kind of sound you can associate with there productions. ‘Guyver Unit’ takes the vocals from the ‘Guyver’ and uses them to full effect, combined with a dark riff and synth’s the Riot Brother’s seem to have done it again!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 11th November 2002 Review Date: 11/10/02

John Askew – New Dimension/Are You Reading Me [Duty Free Recordings] CAT:DF-046

John Askew (Resident at Ministry’s trance nights ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Future’) who’s previous release’s like ‘The Door’ and ‘Vellum’ have received support from the big names, returns with two fresh tracks. ‘New Dimension’ is an uplifting trance release joint produced with Pablo Gargano, it’s deep sound and uplifting energy make this a strong release. On the B-Side ‘Are You Reading Me’ is a deep tech/trance track which takes you on a journey, with samples from ‘Aliens’ thrown into the mix especially the second break this is definitely a track that will standout in any set.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 28th October 2002 Review Date: 11/10/02

Audiowarp - We Bring The Future [Boost Records]

Split into two different mixes We Bring The Future kicks off with ‘Part 1’, a stunning Hard Trance monster with a solid build-up taking you to a euphoric break before exploding back into it’s eerie riff. ‘Part 2’ doesn’t take things down any levels either, the vocals in the break work well with the track and along with some well produced changes make this record quite a find!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 11/10/02

Giorgio Ponticelli – I Am The Master / Xplore [Boost Records]

Giorgio Ponticelli is a name I hope to be hearing a lot more from in the not to distant future, ‘I Am The Master’ is another Hard Trance stunner from Boost Records. The looping vocal ‘I’m the master, I’ve got the key’ have a dark edge about it which blends perfectly with the explosive energetic track. ‘Xplore’ is a more trancier track with uplifting vocals make this a more commercial release compared to ‘I Am The Master’ yet Giorgio keeps it’s dance floor rocking ability up there with the best of them still. Incredible Release!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 11/10/02

Jakko’s World – Billie Jean 2002 [Unsubmissive]

Three mixes including the Original Mix released by Michael Jackson (flash backs!), followed shortly by the ‘80’s Shake’ adding a little more of a funky feel to the Original with that dance track feel. The flipside offers the treat with it’s Funky Pop-House feel, this remix is doing well in charts around Europe and definitely a funky way to kick off the night!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: September 2002 Review Date: 08/10/02

MIDI 4 – I Miss You [Unsubmissive]

The highlight on this release is the Original Mix, a funky house tune with some deep vocals, the tune has many moods about it from deep to uplifting it’s a real mixture. The ‘Kaylab Remix’ takes things really deep especially concentrating on the vocals. Finally the ‘Essential DJ Team Mix’ taking things a bit harder with a trancier feel. Ideal for a warm-up set.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 08/10/02

Unknown – Sun Is Coming Out [White Label]

One of the best uplifting trance tunes of the year! The riff is true anthem quality with it’s beautiful uplifting feel and vocals to match on both mixes on this 12” release, the vocals are deep enough to make the hairs on your arms stand up on end as you are lost in the feel of the track, an absolute must for anyone who loves uplifting trance. The label are currently keeping quite on who’s production skills these are but look out for the Sun Is Coming Out white label’s in record shops. No doubt a future anthem, HUGE!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 08/10/02

Fahrenheit 66 – Wicked [Unsubmissive]

Starting off with the ‘Original Mix’ this is a track with it’s evil tone yet funky feel could, the vocals in the break and the way the track explodes back into it’s riff make this a track lovers of all forms of dance. The ‘Phase Shift Mix’ is an odd mix with many different influences making it hard to pin the mix down to one genre. Finally the ‘Echtzeit Remix’ takes the track deeper yet keeping the same vocal’s working surprising well with all mixes. Wicked!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 17/10/02

Avalon meets Mythos ‘N DJ Cosmo – Feels Life Heaven [Unsubmissive]

When the track starts you think The ‘Rocco Remix’ is going down the path of a hard trance track then before you know it the vocals come in and the track changes to an uplifting track with cheesy vocals, but somehow it all works. The riff is nice and the track flows well, having already hit the Titanic Top 20 within Germany this track looks set do well around Europe, if you liked the recent Scooter track in the charts, your like this. On the flipside we have the ‘Extended Mix’ which is more of a trance track with the same vocals in the break.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date 17/10/02

Marcel Krieg feat Gary Williams – Jenny [M1 Recordings]

Starting with the ‘Olav Basoski Remix’. A progressive house track with Jazz influences Olav really lives up to expectations on this track. The flipside we have the ‘Misery Mix’ which could explode any dance floor, focusing more on the vocals with a funky feel this remix is sensational and one your listen to again and again. Finally the ‘Starfucker Mix’ which again is a strong mix taking things deeper which works well with the lyrics from Gary Williams. Stunning release.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 17/10/02

Jean Douce feat. LeeLa – Can I touch you there [Electronic Club Grooves]

Kicking off with one hottest producers in Europe right now in Hard Trance from the PSR Label, the Vespa 63 Remix hits you in all the right places, starting off on a low tone your not quite sure what’s going ot happen with this track with it’s vocals from LeeLa you could be forgiven for thinking this is going to keep to a slow pace then BANG! The track explodes like a bolt of lightning into a hard bassline. The track builds nicely towards the break where the vocals from LeeLa come back into the track as the riff carries you towards a thunderous explosion back into the track. Vespa 63 on true form with this remix, do not miss this!!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 17/10/02

Sascha Muller – Atomic Mack [High-Head Records]

Starting off with the ‘Original Mix’ this is a weird little electronic number with some nicely thrown in vocals here and there along with a dark edge, it’s rare to see true Electro these days but Atmoic Mac hits the spot. On the flipside we have a the ‘Druck Teknik Remix’ which is a Techno monster with a similar Electro feel within it and keeping some of the vocals from the ‘Original Mix’ this is a strong release.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 17/10/02

12" Reviews : September 2002

The Boyz - Synthamania / The Buzz [12 Inch Thumpers] Cat:THM049

The Boyz (Wayne & Shane Parker) hit us with two fresh tracks, firstly Synthamania which once it kicks in hits us with a nice dark background effect taking us through to one of many changes within the track but I feel this track lacks a needed main break. On the flipside we have The Buzz which in contrast has everything Synthamania lacked, the buildup to the break is a bouncy up and down feel to it . When the break hits the track has a really nice electro sound before a funky riff builds you back up into the track.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: September 2002 Review Date: 03/09/02

U.H.T. - Keep On / Bassbins [12 Inch Thumpin Hard] CatTHD008

Two new release's from Ultra Heat Treat on the label 12 Inch Thumpin (part of 12 Inch Thumpers), first off we have Keep on, just before the break this track explodes into madness using a hectic riff which keeps going into the break before stopping. The break dies down and an emotional buildup before then exploding back into the track. Keep on is a nice example of how different styles of music can be used within Hard House.

Bassbins, some nice percussion sampled within the break of this hard house beast, a woman's vocals, as you would expect from this label this is a fast paced hard house track with no messing around, the break has a surprising emotional buildup again before going back into track.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: September 2002 Review Date: 03/09/02

System F - Needle Juice [Tsunami]

This new release from System F (a.k.a. Ferry Corsten) comes with two mixes, firstly Ferry Corsten's Original which is currently being played out across the country, this funky progressive track is doing the business in many a club being a hit across Ibiza this summer, if your laying on the beach or in a club at 2am this tune will do the business bringing the System F feel to it we have come to expect.

On the flipside by the Jan Driver Remix, some techno influences within this track appear in Jan Drivers repetitive buildup, the break is much deeper that the Original as it dies down before building backup into the riff, a nice B-side.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: now Review Date: 03/09/02

Lotus - Space in Time [Purple-Eye]

This limited Ibiza promo certainly has the Ibiza sound to it, the vocals are stunning bringing a euphoric feel to this funky number, the break uses a nice echo effect on the vocals, Lotus offers us another slice of Ibiza captured within this very nice track.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 03/09/02

Gouryella - Ligaya [Purple-Eye]

The team of Ferry Corsten & Tijs Verwest (a.k.a. Gouryella) come back with what must be set to be another huge club release on Purple-Eye, the percussion is used to perfection in the break giving the track enough emotion to compete the best of them, similar in style to William Orbit's Barber's Adagio for Strings which also received massive recognition with a Ferry Corsten mix. Truly an example of what kind of emotion can be used within dance music Ligaya must be heard to be believed, another massive release from Gouryella. Brilliant!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 03/09/02

Brio From Rio - Just for me [Purple-Eye]

Another funky dance number with commercial appeal from the Dutch label, the vocals work well with the track giving it a really happy funky feel. The vocals stay with the track throughout, time to shake your hips, nice!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 03/09/02

Chew-Fu Phat - Without You [Purple-Eye]

A stunning release again from Purple-Eye, here is a perfect example of how the right track with some commercially appealing vocals can make a massive hit. 29 year old Peter Jack Kardolus (a.k.a. Chew-Fu Phat) who's previous release you may remember called Get It On, has certainly done this to perfection with this release. I would not be surprised to be seeing the video to this release on MTV any day now. Without You in my view captures the feel of Ibiza perfectly with it's sexy vocals matching the perfectly suiting riff. Peter's love for many styles of music including funk, soul & jazz are all captured in this one hit.

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 03/09/02

12" Reviews : August 2002

Lisa Lashes Vs LAB4 - Unbelievable (Remixes) [Tidy Trax]

Recently added to the Tidy lineup LAB4 hit us with two fresh remixes of this classic from Lisa Lashes. First off on the info side is the 'Doubling Thomas Remix' which keeps very similar hard house feel to the original with a few changes which will still please lovers of the original. The Logo Side offers the Licensed To Thrill Remix which kicks off with less of the hard house feel yet keeping its own fast edge, the break has really good vocals before exploding back into the riff, this is a big remix from LAB4.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: now Review Date: 28/08/02
For Lovers Of: LAB4

Guyver - Serious Sound / You'll Know It [Tidy Two]

Serious Sound is the massive hard trance release from Guyver being played currently from any and every DJ. Guyver who is Guy Mearns has already has success with the acclaimed track from Riot Brothers (of which he is one half) called 'Ripped Out'. Serious sound has a really nice catchy riff with a break to match, it's a very fast paced track in true Tidy style and will satisfy dance music lovers no matter what your style. The other side brings 'You'll Know It'. It's a massive tune in it's own right and my favourite of the two, it's riff combined with the buildups within the break make this release from Guyver equally standout. Check this out!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: now Review Date: 28/08/02
For Lovers Of: Quality Tidy music with a Stimulant DJs spin.

Jez & Charlie - It's About Music [Tidy Trax]

DJ's Jez & Charlie are already well known and established in the club scene being residents at Sundissential North in Leeds. Previous releases on labels like Vacuum and Sundissential have gone down well and this massive release on Tidy will be on different. The Original Mix is brilliant, what really makes the track stand out is the vocal in the main break, it's dark vocal builds up perfectly into an storming riff. Tidy fans will not be disappointed with this release one bit. The flipside offers a Stimulant DJs remix with a harder edge and new take on the vocal, definitely making this mix more than your average B-side, the buildup from the break back into the riff with percussion is superbly done, monster release!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: now Review Date: 28/08/02
For Lovers Of: Quality Tidy music with a Stimulant DJs spin.

Virus - Get Loud [Intensive Promo]

Huge bass kicking you into this tune from Virus, the break has some twisted vocals in repetition before leaving back into the riff. A nice mix with certainly a Get Loud feel to your speakers bass. The next side offers a Scott Mac remix, same large bass sound but this time offering a bit more and less flat than the Original Mix. The break once again still keeps it's dark, the vocals eventually kick in again and the tune is taken up a few gears by the way Scott has built up the break back into the bassline. Definitely the strongest of the two mixes.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 28/08/02
For Lovers Of: Big Sounding Bass

Nasty Boyz - Overdrive [Solar Music Promo]

The riff stands out the most in this track along with its deep electronic sound, already big in clubland this production from Darren Styles & Mark Breeze will go down well in any club. The 'Club Mix' stands out as the one to hear but is very similar to the Original Mix, another club hit from Solar Music.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 28/08/02
For Lovers Of: Progressive / Trance

4Motion - Over 4 Me [Solar Music Promo]

Original Mix - Something of a club classic its bouncy feel and vocals 'It's over for, It's over for me, honey I love you but can't you see? It's Over For Me'. Anyone who's been to any of the recent Tidy Trax events such as the Tidy Weekenders will tell you this track has been bringing dance floors to life for some time now. Simply a classic.

Formula7 Mix - The unexpected trance remix us upon us, unfortunately it just doesn't seem to work. A hectic break keeping the vocals then going back into a trancy riff just seems to not flow as well as we would all like it to have. A nice effort but dosen't work too well

Being the new remix the Formula7 mix has been whats let the rating down but if you don't own the original then make sure you pick this record up.

Rating: 6/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/08/02
For Lovers Of: Classic Hard House

Olmecaheads - The Return [Olmecca Promo]

Original Mix - First record from the label Olmecca and what an opening track it is too from the team of Olmecaheads, a dark edge bassline within a soft riff taking you to a brilliantly deep feeling break, its euphoric and funky edge works perfectly together creating an amazing sound.

Future Progression Mix - Slowed down take on the original with, as you would expect form the title a progressive feel. The break is heart melting with its deep sounding euphoria and buildups it truly makes the track stand out from others in its style, it exits the break with an unexpected funky riff giving the track a new life about it which nicely winds down as the mix comes to its end.

Both mixes deserve playing out on this one and both will be, brilliant. For more info email

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/08/02
For Lovers Of: Deep Euphoria / Funky House

Locke & Harris feat. Suzanne Murphy - Turnaround [Point Recordings Promo]

Four remixes written and produced by Tim Locke & Michael Harris from the UK label Point Recordings:

A1 : Rougue Mix - Funky House number from Rouge, the break has some amazing vocals, his track would deffinetly do well in commercial circles and has MTV material written all over it. Behind the vocal there a deep sounding bass with a catchy riff.

A2 : Panic Mix - The Panic remix starts off with a more typical dance feel, the break keeps the same vocals from Suzanna Murphy. Nice funky feel similar to the Rouge Mix.

B1 : Inzite Mix - My personal favourite of the four remixes coming from Inzite, euphoric trance breaking down to a deep buildup to the break, the vocals are used less in this mix and the break has a strong buildup about it back into riff. This is deffinetly the kind of track you can nicely close your eyes too and drift away.

B2 : Radio Edit - Starts off with a break containing Suzanna's vocals, the tune then kicks off sounding the same as the Rouge Mix.

Definitely keep an eye out for this release!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/08/02
For Lovers Of: Uplifting Funky House

12" Reviews - June 2002

Title: Vespa 63 – "Never Die/Trainstation" (Progressive State Promo)

A : Never Die – Brillaint hard trance track from Vespa 63, hard beat taking you up to a dark break. The vocals ‘Smash my brain….. I will never die’ echo in your mind as the track thunders back into the riff working its way up to another session of twisted vocals and hard dark basslines. For those of you into the darker side of hard trance this record is pure perfection. Simply Brilliant!!

B : Trainstation – Trancy tune with a bouncy riff, really catchy elements making this a tune for any dancefloor! Another really nice track on this LP from Vespa 63, a name not to forget anytime soon.

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 18/06/02

For Lovers Of: Dark Hard Trance

Title: Ecister – "Prodigies Of Endurance" (Nutrition Records Promo) CAT: NUT084

Hard Techno from Ecister (Maurice Pinkster). Set to be a hit for techno fans.

A : Prodigies Of Endurance - Seriously hard techno, starts off as it means to go on with some nice electro sounds this mix is not for the faint hearted! Into the second half of the track and some nice build-ups. Hectic but nicely done.

B : Nitric Acid - Definitely a darker side to techno seen in this track. Nice vocals working well within the mix which really kicks off after the break. Sure to send any crowd into mayhem.

Not currently sure on the release date for this but will keep you informed, for more information on this release and many more go to

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 13/06/02

For Lovers Of: Hard/Dark Techno

Title: DM 24 – "Invincible" (Nutrition Records Promo) CAT: NUT083

Produced by Diederik Erkel, Invincible could become a club anthem for the summer. There are three mixes on this white label from Nutrition to which I currently do not have the names.

A1 : Uplifting trance, starts off with something of a cheesy happy riff with some nice woman’s vocals. The break is a really nice euphoric trancy riff building its way backup into the tune.

A2 : This remix offers a bit more of an electro feel giving it something of a darker edge yet keeping the same vocal, definitely a nice set builder and a tune to kick the night off with.

B1 : Great trance, slow to start off with but a simply brilliant working of the riff, once this mix kicks in it can be compared to the first mix on the A side but maintaining a slightly harder edge.

A simply brilliant release from DM 24, all three mixes worthy of release. Set to be released sometime this summer.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Summer 2002 Review Date: 13/06/02

For Lovers Of: Uplifting/Progressive/Euphoric

12" Reviews - February 2002

Title: Tidy Trax Presents Insomnia 2

Comments: Insomnia 2 brings together two great CDs of cutting edge underground Hard House, the second in the Insomnia series after the success of Insomnia mixed by the Tidy Boys and Paul Glazby. Insomnia 2 brings you two CDs mixed by Stimulant DJs & Superfast Oz.

Stimulant DJs mix starts off with an explosive intro leaving you begging for more which Stimulant DJs do themselves with 'Stop The Grove'. Some seriously Hard HARD House! CD Two from Superfast Oz provides more quality tunes including Superfast Oz's own productions within OD404. I'm sure Insomnia 2 will be as equally popular as Insomnia with some classic's from the likes of Signum - 'What Ya Got 4 Me' and Nukleuz - Cortune 'Erection' and with new material only available on White Label until now!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 18.02.02 (order now on
Review Date: 05/02/02

12" Reviews - January 2002

Title: Orion Too feat. Catilin - "You and me -remixen-" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: Happy trance tune from the team or of Orion Too & Catilin. Has an extremely commercial feel with a woman's vocal throughout the record, I believe this record could do well in Europe in more commercial scenes, as we enter the second half of this mix you get a riff with a real keyboard feel to it which I believe brings the track down a level but overall I feel this record could go on to alot of success, but another mix could be the way foward. The B side was a very strange mix which must have just been put there to fill the record up, as I refuse to believe it is because they producers believed people would like it.

Rating: 80/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 05/01/02

Title: Minimalistix - "A Forest -remixen-" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: The second mix on Side A almost looked like it was going to offer something, that is until the vocal kicked in and that was all she wrote. After the break to tune has a very nice feel to it and the riff is nice and could have been better used. Just when I had almost given up on this record I came across the fourth and final mix, this is the strongest mix on the record but still nothing really good enough to move on with. The lyrics lets the track down and this mix is too short.

Rating: 46/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02


Title: Jenssen - "Flamingo" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: This is the first material I have heard from Jenssen I have been immediately impressed with what I heard, excellent and promising trance tune, I feel the mix on Side A could be improved with perhaps some vocal on the break and a break earlier on in the mix but overall a nice effort from Jenssen. The B side is also another nice trancy mix with what I believe is a nicer break especially towards the end, brilliant riff and a lot of potential, it just sounds a little bit too 'homemade' right now.

Rating: 76/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02


Title: Montini Traxx - "The Sound of Innocence goes on -remixen-" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: Remix of the brillant Sound Of Innocence from Montini Traxx, the first two mixes matched the original quite closely but the nicest surprise for me was the euphoric third mix on the LP.

Rating: 90/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02


Title: Thomazz - "Mozarecta" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: I find it hard to believe that a company such as Road Runner would release something like this, I don't have any background knowledge on the artist and don't know what sort of crowd he was aiming for but I don't see this record doing very well in any market.

Rating: 24/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02


Title: Vinno vs FTW - "Hands up in the air" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: Nice 4/4 baseline throughout the track, the break lets the track down badly and should be taken out or have someone else sign the poor vocals! Leaving the break there is a nice riff. The last record I recieved from this team 'The Ultimate' was very promising but I feel this record has nothing to offer and no originality to it what so ever! The third mix on the record has a nice dark break to it which apart from the baseline, I feel is the only hope for a possible remix - I believe this is the strongest mix on the LP but still missing something. If not for this mix this record would have scored even lower.

Rating: 38/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02


Title: E-Ject - "The Pressure" - (Roadrunner White)

Comments: Good effort from E-Ject, sounds very similar to Joykitikonto - Joyenergizer (BXR). The B side confirms this even more, if I hadn't heard Joyenergizer I would be absolutely loving this record and it does have a lot to offer. Putting that asside a brillant release from E-Ject that I'm sure could go on to do very well (especially seeing as Joyenergizer has). Excellent record!!

Rating: 87/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02


Title: The Witch - "Discofans" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: The name of the artist (The Witch) seems very approapriate for this record, sounds like a load of creepy horror film sounds mixed into a break, with a slow build up into a menacing riff. Can't imagine this would ever be released. The B side has a more standard structure to it but once again lacking anything worth looking at twice.

Rating: 19/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02


Title: DJ Gert VS Marcel Woods - "Once" (Roadrunner White)

Comments: The ultimate happy tune! The record that would be loved by Happy Hardcore fans. (which when speeded up, sounds like it was meant to be). The 2nd mix gets a bit harder but with the same feel to it. A nice change from what I am normally sent but a bit too much of cheesy happy tune for my likeing.

Rating: 45/100 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 06/01/02

12" Reviews : November 2001

Title: DJ Anonymous VS. Syntax - The Excalibur Project (Stray Records)


Syntax Mix: Strange alien feel to the build up with strange vocal which stays with the riff all the way through to the break. Nice build up in the break with Midi use, then a womans vocal 'Catch me, Catch me' loops till the end of the track, nice slow progressive trance track which I'm sure progressive lovers would enjoy.

Anonymous Mix: This mix has a more traditional trance feel to it, I believe the use of vocal on the Syntax mix is stronger

Rating: 71/100  Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/01


Title: Mezo - "Superconscouis" (Knightlife Recordings)

Comments: A 4 mix EP from Mezo, a producer based in Orlando, Florida. This is a very leftfield record in such a way that it becomes hard to rate, I am a lover of dance music though and they are are some key elements of that within this record, this in mind my favourite mix is Superconscious (Future Element Mix) written by Justin Scott & Chris Hand. I believe this could have a home among progressive / euphoric lovers of trance. Deffinetly something to look for in the future perhaps.

Rating: 75/100  Release Date: TBA Review Date: 27/11/01

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