Record/CD Stores for the DJ

ATTENTION! This list is mostly from 2003, with some updates in 2007. Due to the paradigm shift in the music sales model many of the brick-and-mortar stores have closed. The good news is that many digital dance music download stores are now in business. Selection and availability are becoming excellent.

Music shopping is one artform of the eclectic-minded dance music DJ and music enthusiast. Out-of-the-mainstream artists, tracks and pressings are prized finds. Here is an incomplete list of stores and links to store guides specializing (to a greater or lesser extent) in dance music product. Comments and additions are welcome. Please send them to: D.J. Rhythms (djem[put at sign here]

DJ-oriented Music Store: Index:
* Rotator Locator - is a centralized, collaborative worldwide directory of techno, house, and ambient music stores.
* DJ Rhythms Link Catalog - online retail music stores [NOTICE: in fact this list will eventually be completely intergrated into the link catalog.]
* XchangeMusic - record sales exchange - buyer and seller deals direct cutting out the expensive middlemen. Buy the records youve always wanted but couldnt find or afford, and sell the ones you don't want . This site is proving very popular and has currently over 50,000 records for sale and wanted.
Major Worldwide Mail Order
(this info. moving into: Links - more there now.)
* 3 Beat - Liverpool, United Kingdom.
* - San Francisco, California, USA.
* Hard To Find Records - Birmingham, United Kingdom.
* Juno Records / The Dance Music Resource Pages - United Kingdom.
* PlanetX Records - New Jersey, USA.
* Satellite Records - New York, New York, USA.
* Tune Inn Records - United Kingdom.
- The Netherlands
- - Amsterdam
   Platenkoning Recordshop
     Hasselaerssteeg 12, 1012 MB (that's on opposite from Central Station)
     Ph./Fax +31-(0)20-6247841
     Hours: Mon-Sat 13.00-18.00; Thur. 13.00-21.00
     buys and sells used records and cd's (only in excellent or better
     condition); specializes in 12 inch vinyl maxi singles. 
     Music styles include: house, techno, jungle, dance, disco, 
     rap, r&b, electro, pop, jazz dance and reggae.
     The website also includes info. about their affiliated dj's and
     you can listen to the latest dj-mixes in Real Audio. 
     They also buy and sell old handheld video games, cartridges, 
     tabletops, etc.etc.
- United Kingdom
- - London
- - * Guide to London Record Shops.
- - Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales
   Sonic State Records
    8 Russell Rd., Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales LL18 3BU
    Ph. : 01745 355002
    Online record shop specializing in all styles of techno, trance,
    tech-house, hardstyle, hard trance, hard house, hard-dance, 
    progressive, and house.  Their site has a dedicated links page 
    where they are building a comprehensive selection of the best 
    dance music, dj and clubbers sites on the web.
- - Selby, North Yorkshire
   Confi-Dance Records - Online Store and Label
     42 Portholme Road,  Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 4QQ, UK
     Ph.: +44 (0) 1757 708858 (Office Hours)
     Online vinyl record store and label specialising in 
     hard/tribal/progressive house and trance. The store 
     features bargain and competive pricing.
     Confi-Dance Management represents artists and dj's, including:
     artists: Blue Haze, Gazor, Mood Society, Sub Culture
     DJ's: Michael Burns, Andrew Best, Phil Davy, Tony Reader, Bren Kehoe.

   Tune Inn Records - CLOSED!
     2 Wren Lane, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 4PH UK
     Mail order: PO 57 Selby Noth yorkshire YO8 4ZT UK
     Specialist vinyl record store featuring all the latest trance,
     techno and acid tunes. Offers a searchable online database with
     MP3 clips of every record in stock, secure ordering and
     next day despatch on all orders.
- - Glastonbury, Somerset
  Tandoori Space Records
     13 Market Place, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9HH  UK
     Ph: +44 01458 830249
     Fax: +44 01458 831035

     Retail music store with a worldwide mailorder service 
     stocking psychedelic trance, acid trance / techno, drum and bass, 
     dub, reggae, ska, ambient, Asian and global fusion. 
     Formats include records, cd`s, mix tapes, pipes, bongs and beyond.
North America
United States - Regional Guides
Southeastern U.S.
United States - By State
*Los Angeles - region
District of Columbia - Washington, DC
* Washington, DC region: Alternative record stores in DC - list put together by DC Raves.
* Clearwater
* Gainesville
* Jacksonville
* Melbourne region, incl. Palm Bay
* Miami / Ft. Lauderdale region
* Orlando
* St. Petersburg
* Tampa
* West Palm Beach
* Chicago Area Record Stores - searchable list of stores (address, phone #, web links) in the Chicago area (a browsable quick list is also offered).
* Boston area stores list at Daniel E. Wang's Euro-Invasion Site
New York
* The New York City Record Stores Guide, by DJ Will Perez.
* Village Music Guide - a guide to the record/cd stores in the Greenwich Village section of New York City.



(Thanks to Ian Prittie ( for this information on Toronto)
Traxx on Yonge St. (downtown)
  Lots of vinyl, CD singles collection not bad.
HMV has "the Bassment", which often times doesn't have what I want
Sunrise records on Yonge St.
  Just added to the upper level which is all dance.  Pretty decent.
Play de Record
  Lots of good import stuff.


(Thanks to Sarah Gianetto of Dream Music / for this info.)

Burn Music
  (602) 947-9247

Plastik Records
  1340 E. Broadway Rd. Ste. 103
  Tempe, AZ 85282
  Ph.:  602-968-0474
  Fax:  602-968-6963
    Premier vinyl service for Djs.  Specializing in underground house,
    progressive house, trance, techno, breakbeat, acid jazz, and
    hip hop.  Clothing and mix tapes/CDs. 
    Several 1200 listening stations and DJ booth. 
    The "Plastik Records" label is also run out of the store.

Sound Factory
  2519 E Campbell
  Tucson, AZ
  Ph.: 520-325-2142
  Fax: 520-795-7997

Subvox Music
  37 South 5th Avenue
  Tucson, AZ ; 85701
  Ph.: 520-903-9900

  1444 S Scottsdale Rd, Tempe
  Ph.: 602-945-3898



Apollo Records
  Berkeley, CA
  An 18 year old 'brick and mortar' retail store converted to a 
  website. Encyclopaedic knowledge of soul music and all forms of 
  dance music; 100's of records and cd's for sale; archival service 
  for out-of-print and rare grooves; and an eclectic mix tape catalog
  chronicling the history of hip-hop culture and its' most famous dj's
  around the world. Catalog info. available on the website. Money 
  orders/Visa/Mastercard accepted.


Custom Beats Records
  823 W. Valley Blvd., Colton, CA 92324
  Ph.: 909-824-1664
  Specializes in dance music: 12 '' vinyl, CDs, mix tapes and rare grooves.
  They do mail order.

Los Angeles - region

(Thanks to and for submitting a list and info. on some of the stores below.)
  • Behind the Groove - 818-753-4783
  • Beat Non Stop - 213-930-2121
  • DMC Records - 213-651-3520 Vinyl, CDs, DJ equipment. Techno, Trance, Breakbeat, Jungle, House, Euro, Disco, Hip Hop, Oldschool. Serving the DJs and dance community since 1984. Online store.
  • Exodus Records - 8163 Arroyo Dr., Rosemead, CA 91770. Ph. 626-573-8818, Fax 626-573-4252. Full selection of dance, including domestics and imports from the UK and Holland.
  • Groove Riders-818-981-3366
  • Prime Cuts Records - 213-654-8251
  • Record Reaction-310-434-5753
  • StreetSounds-213-651-0630 Each store carries the finest imports and club domestic 12" vinyl, specializing in Hip Hop, House, Old Skool, Loops, Techno, Breakbeats & Acid House. Also, a large selection of rare CD's and vinyl. Most stores provide mail order anywhere in the world.
  • Fastlane Records
      12610 E. Hadley St., Whittier, CA 90601
      Ph. :(562) 698-3313, Fax: (562) 698-3711

    District of Columbia


    Twelve Inches Dance Records and CD's
      2010 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036
      Ph.: Toll free: 1-888-659-2010
      Fax: 202-659-1733
      Notes: complete line of domestic and import dance releases and hard-to-get 
      and out-of-print dance classics, plus remix services and extended play CD maxi 
      singles.  House, hip-hop, R&B, Hi-NRG, acid jazz, reggae, dance 



    Sagitarius, 1608 N Ft Harrison Ave., Clearwater  Florida  33755
      Ph. 813-461-6288
      Fax 813-442-2873
      Notes: Good selection of jungle, house, breakbeat, hip hop, 12 in, mixtapes, 
             cds, listening stations, also large inventory of clubware, record bags, 
             flight cases, ect. Weekly shipments, knowledgable owners.


    Hear Again CD's, 818 W University Ave. / 32601 (next to Taco Bell)
      Ph.: (352)-373-1800
      Stock: Used CD's (buy, sell, trade)
    Hyde & Zeke Records
      402 NW 10th Ave., Gainesville, FL
      Notes:  Mainly stocks rock, pop and alternative with some soul, jazz,
              blues and house.
    Specs, 1412 W University Ave. / 32603 - CLOSED!
      Ph: (352)-376-5303
      Notes:  Wide selection of commercial product
              (not particularly oriented towards dance music).
    Smoke, 1009 W University Ave. / 32601 - CLOSED!
      Ph: (352)-375-8267
      Stock: Import 12" vinyl.
      Notes:  Building a selection of the current trendy club favorites.
    Subversion Records, 3102 SW 34th St., Gainesville, FL  32608 - CLOSED!
    Urbandwax Records - CLOSED!
      Notes: Phat selection of electronic music.  Complete selection 
             of techno, trance, house, drum-n-bass, ambient, acid jazz/funk, 
             experimental, trip hop, breakbeat, 7" and 12" reggae, lots of rap, 
             disco, and many used gems. They also carry DJ Competition Videos, 
             Graph Mags & Supplies, and other DJ supplies.
             Their web site features weekly releases and  full stocklists on 
             jungle, house, trance, downbeat, techno, hip hop, mixtapes, vinyl 
             & cd's. They have a very knowledgable and friendly staff.


    DJ's Record Shop, 2999 Edison Avenue
      Ph: (904) 388-6426
      Notes: Vinyl, CD: Many older titles, some promos.
    The Record Bin
      41 Arlington Rd. S.
      Jackonville, FL 32216
      Ph: (904) 721-1771
      Fax: (904) 721-5580
      Notes: Vinyl, Cd's, mixed tapes, clothing, mixers, lighting, turntables
             record boxes, inhouse recording studio, sound
      Open: Mon. 12-8 / Tues. - Fri. 10-8 / Sat. 12-6

    Melbourne region, incl. Palm Bay

    Serious Sounds
      190 Malabar Road, S.W., #117
      Palm Bay, FL 32907
      Notes: Records, tapes, CD's, posters, comics, t-shirts and more.
             Home delivery, mail order and D.J. service available.

    Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Region

    Miami / Miami Beach

    Blockbuster Music (S. Dixie Highway store)
      Notes:  Large store with wide selection of import and domestic
              commercial product.
    Blue Note Records, 16401 N.E. 15th Avenue
      North Miami Beach, FL  33162
      Ph.: (305)-940-3394 / (305)-940-7342
      Fax: (305)-948-3523
      Notes: Excellent inventory of pop, rock, alternative, blues, jazz and
             vintage music, including classic disco.
             Loads of used LP and 12" vinyl, CDs and CD singles.
             Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
             Now also with live entertainment in an adjacent cafe (bar?).
    Carjul, 3360 Coral Way
      Miami, FL  33145
      Ph.: (305)-444-9800
      Notes:  New domestic and import 12" vinyl, LPs, CD singles and CDs.
              A store for DJ's staffed by DJ's.
              Massive selection, excellent prices.
              Large catalog of classic dance and Hi-NRG.
    CD Exchange, 21477 N.W. 2nd Avenue
      North Miami, FL
      (S.E. Corner Countyline Road & 441)
      Notes:  Large selection of used CD's.  Great prices.
    The CD Solution
      1012 N.E. 15th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
      Ph: (305)-761-7100
      1590 So. Dixie Hwy., Coral Gable, FL
      Ph: (305)-662-7100
      4938 N. University Dr., Lauderhill, FL
      Notes:  Large selection of used domestic CD's.  Great prices.
    Uncle Sam's Musicafe, 1141 Washington Ave.
      Miami Beach, FL 33139
      Ph: (305)-532-0973
      Notes: Large selection of new and used domestic and import 12" vinyl,
             LPs, CD singles and CDs.  There are also two stores in the 
             Ft. Lauderdale region.  This one probably has the best selection
             of dance music.
    The Underground Record Store, 3303 NW 7 St.
      Miami, FL  33125
      Ph: (305)-649-8622
      Fax: (305)-649-0756
      Notes: According to an ad in DMA mag:
             24 hour mail order service
             tribal, deep house, garage, trance, progressive, house, techno, 
             hip hop, breakbeats, rap, freestyle, classics and DJ accessories. 
             Import and domestic 12" at unbeatable prices.
    Virgin Megastore
    Yesterday and Today Records
      9274 S.W. 40th St.,   Miami, FL 33165.
      Ph: (305) 554-1020
      Email: (see web page)
      Notes:  the original Yesterday and Today Records in Miami has been 
              in business for 25 years.  They have been voted 
              "Miami's Best Record/CD Store 2005" by the Miami New Times)!
              Y&T is Miami, Florida's most unique and oldest collector's 
              (vinyl) music shop.  They specialize in used, new, domestic, 
              import 45's, LP's, CD's and memorabilia from the 50's, 60's, 
              70's and 80's.  They also carry laser discs, open reels, 
              magazines, books, and miscellaneous rare/collectible items.
              Yesterday and Today Records is still OPEN and should not be 
              confused with the now closed Yesterday and Today Dance Music 
              store of Miami Beach.
    Yesterday and Today Dance Music
      1614 Alton Road,   Miami Beach, FL 33139 --CLOSED!
      Notes:  July 2001: AWK. This store has closed.  Todd Saunders ran 
              one of the best dance record shops in the USA.  The
              paradigm shift in music from vinyl and CD to digital formats
              plus the ever changing style preferences results in an 
              ever-shifting music industry.
              Former description: Specializing in underground, house 
              and disco club music. Massive selection of new and used 
              including large catalog of classic dance / disco with 
              great prices.  Staffed by DJ's who know the underground 
              music industry and club scene.  Exceptional and 
              personal mail order service.

    Ft. Lauderdale area

    All Book and Records
      Notes: Loads of used CD's (incl. CD singles) and vinyl (LP and 12"),
             including many buried treasures.
    Blockbuster Music on N. Federal Highway
      Notes:  Wide selection of new commercial product including imports.
    The Disc-Jockey Store
      862 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33334
      Ph.: (305)-564-3594 Fax: (305)-561-7396
      Notes: Specializing in dance music for the DJ.
             Large selection of DJ remix service CDs and Vinyl.
             Excellent store for DJ equipment / sound systems.
    Larry's Records
      Notes:  A treasure trove of used product.  Last several times I've been
              there the 12" vinyl section was in such a mess it was closed
              off.  It has been that way for years.  Oh well.
    Sid's Records
    Uncle Sam's
      3271 N. Federal Hwy.
      Pompano Beach, FL  33064
      Ph.: (954)-941-3973
      4580 N. University Dr.
      Lauderhill, FL 33351
      Ph.: (954)-742-2466
      Notes: Large selection of new and used domestic and import 12" vinyl,
             LPs, CD singles and CDs.  The store in Miami Beach has the best
             selection of dance product.


    The Drop Shop
      Orlando, FL
      Note: Their web site gives you know clue as to where they 
            are in Orlando.
    Underground Record Source
      926 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL 32803
      Ph.: (407) 894-5944
      Fax: (407) 895-3700
      Mail Orders: (800) 881-5944
      Notes: Undoubtedly one of the primary sources for well selected
             underground / house club dance music in Orlando.
    Vinyl Frontier
      318 W. Colonial Drive
      Orlando, Florida 32801
      Ph.: 407-872-1844
      Mail order ph.: 407-872-3141
      Fax: 407-872-6877
      Notes: Specializing in underground house, progressive, 
             breaks, and drum and bass. They do special orders 
             and carry CD's.
    Chain and commercial product stores in the region include: Camelot, Peaches, Specs, Wherehouse (formerly Blockbuster) and The Virgin Megastore (at Downtown Disney)

    St. Petersburg

    Luscious Records
      937 Central Avenue
      St. Petersburg Fl 33705
      Ph.: (727) 502-WAXX / Toll-free (877) 502-WAXX
      Fax: (727) 821-FUNK
      Contact: Andy "Madhatter" Mara (DJ/Buyer)
      Related links: Dynamic Sound Labs


    The Alternative Record Store
      11502 N Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL  33612-5745
      Ph.: (813) 977-6383 / Fax: 977-6394
    Chakra Records
      1709 N. 16th St. in Ybor City,  Tampa, FL 33605-3723
      Ph.:  813.247.4764, Fax: 813.247.4764
    Galaxy Records
      3817 Henderson Blvd., Tampa, FL  33629-5013
      Ph.: (813) 289-8414
    The Groove
      1416 E. Fletcher Ave., Tampa, FL 33612
      Ph.: (813) 979-7051
      Fax: (813) 971-4115
      Notes: Large selections of progressive music and clothing with a helpful and 
             knowledgeable DJ staff.
    Nep-tune Records
      1501 1/2 S. Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL 33629
      Ph.: 877-NEPTUNZ (=877-637-8869)
      Fax: 813-259-1095
      Owner: John Panopoulus / Email:
      Complete selection of dance 12" vinyl and CD compilations.
    United House Culture
      1224-A South Dale Mabry
      Tampa, FL 33629
      Ph.: 813-251-1307, 813-254-4946
      Fax: 813-251-1486
      Record store, dj equipment store and dj and artist promotions and booking 
      agency. Their website features: an online catalog with Real Audio samples, 
      new releases listing and ca. 15,000 + titles specializing in trance, electro 
      breakz, progressive house, jungle, Florida homegrown and hard-to-find, 
      out-of-print electronic dance classics; dj and artist bios, booking and 
      contact information, plus an events listing; pro audio and accessories; and 
    Vinyl Fever Records and Tapes
      2307 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629-6322
      Ph.: (813) 251-8399
    World Underground
      927 S Howard Ave., Tampa, FL  33606-2418
      Ph.: (813) 251-1307
    Record store chains in the area include: Blockbuster, Camelot, 
    Musicland, Music Express, Sound Warehouse, Spec's Music.
    Major music equipment retailers include: Thoroughbred Music and Mars.

    West Palm Beach - region

      4655 Lake Worth Road
      Lake Worth, FL 33463
      Ph.: (561) 432-4090
      Fax (561) 432-5667
    The Disc-Jockey Store
      1481 South Military Trail, Suites 1 & 2
      West Palm Beach, FL 33415
      Ph.: (407) 966-6881


    Atlanta region

    Dixie Sound Works 
    42 Milton Ave.
    Alpharetta GA. 30004
    Ph. 888-Mix-Jock
    12 inch vinyl and CDs. Specializing in House, Breaks, D&B, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Remix Services.  Knowledgeable and courteous staff.



    * Boston area stores list at Daniel E. Wang's Euro-Invasion Site
    My own Boston notes:
    Looney Tunes
      1106 Boylston St. (near Copley Square)
      Ph: (617)-247-2238
      Notes:  Large selection of classic dance (disco) vinyl.
      1001 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge (near Harvard Square)
      Ph: 876-5624
      Notes:  Used vinyl and CD. Seems to have less dance than the store on Boylston.
    Vinyl Connection
      23 Huntington Ave., Boston 02116 (next to Chaps Bar & Copley Square Hotel)
      Ph.: (617)-536-2560
      Notes:  Specializing in import 12" singles and CD's.  Particularly good selection
              of NRG and Eurobeat.  Caril Mitro is the proprietress.
              Tom Morganti collects and independently sells from a massive collection
              of classic dance 12" through this store.         

    New York

    New York City

    Upstairs Records
        2968 Avenue X
        Dept Int
        Brooklyn, NY 11235
        Ph.: (718) 332-3322  /  (800) 824-0855
        Fax: (718) 332-6232



    RPM Records
      1223 Walnut Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19107
      Ph.: 215.928.1RPM  (215.928.1776)
      Fax: 215.925.RPM1  (215.925.7761)
      Comments:  One of the nicest looking stores... HMV of Underground music.
                Lots of really good music,  helpful employees, and even a lounge
                so you can hang out.  Stocks both domestic and import 12" vinyl, 
                CDs, mix tapes, and clothing.
                Genres include deep, vocal, progressive, and hard house, 
                trance, techno, breaks, drum & bass, trip-hop, downbeat, etc.  
                Mail and Web ordering is available.
                "Specializing the the Underground Dance Scene"
                RPM Records provided by DJ Brad Anderson,


    The Attic
      513 Grant Avenue
      Pittsburgh, PA 15209
      Ph.: 412-821-8484
      Fax: 412-821-5179
      Comments:  Ad in DMA mag: "One million 12 in. singles, buy/sell/trade.  Extensive
                       inventory of all genre and formats.  Rare and out-of-print LPS also
                       available.  Send or fax your want list."
    Future Sounds
      2101 Murray Avenue
      Pittsburgh, PA 15217
      Ph.: 412-421-3727
      Fax: 412-351-3747
      Comments:  Can order just about anything domestic and import, records
                 and CDs from rave, house, trance, hardcore, jungle, etc.
                 Future Sounds info brought to you by DJ Dr. Nusonic,
      352 Atwood St.
      Oakland, Pittsburgh
      Ph.: 412-681-4164
      Fax: 412-681-3091
      Comments: Hip little store.  Magazines, CDs, and records, of course.
                Fine small collection.  Breaks, House, Trance, D&B, +etc.
                This store has more of an edge than others.  Can order over 
                the phone.  It's run by The instigator.
                Hypervinyl info brought to you by DJ Dr. Nusonic,


    Twin Spin Records
      237 Old River Road, Wilkes Barre, PA 18702
      Ph.: (717) 825-3445
      Hours: Mon 1-6 p.m., Tue-Sat 1-8 p.m.
      Comments:  Excellent prices and selection, incl. both domestic and import
                 12" and CD.  These guys provide mail orders, play tracks over 
                 the phone and allow orders for new import releases the 
                 Saturday before they are released (Tuesdays).
                 House, Techno, Rave, some Radio.
                 If nothing else, call for the price!!!!!
      Information provided by: Terrance Jones from Norfolk, VA (aka DJ Savone)



    Illmatic Records and Tapes
      10645 Ferguson Rd #103
      Dallas, TX 75228
      Ph.: (972) 270-1667



    Joyryde Records
    104 Church Street Suite 15
    Burlington, VT 05401-4449 USA
    Ph.: 1.802.863.9166
    Fax: 1.802.863.9166
        Selections of the finest house, downtempo, drum & bass, progressive, techno, 
        breaks & dj gear by Odyssey, Pioneer, Stanton, Vestax & more...

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