Reviews by Simon Pitt
February - August 2003

Reviews by Simon Pitt: [27 November 2001 - November 2002]

12" Reviews : August 2003

SJ&BabyDoc – I Need You [Tidy]

True Hard Dance coming from the master of Tidy Paul Maddox & Glazby, the breakdown is very sweet and really makes the track stand out. A mixture of uplifting vocals and a typical Maddox style make this a massive release.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: August 2003

Rundell&Maddox – So Long/Homocide [Tidy]

When you cross Hard House and Techno, you have something sounding like these two tracks. A collaboration from Jon Rundell & Paul Maddox these are two quite unique tunes. Powerful breakdown with even a 303 thrown in for good measure. Twisted

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: 18th August 2003 Review Date: August 2003

NickRafferty&PBS – Groovin’ [Tidy]

An uplifting and funky hard dance number, ‘Groovin’ is very true to Nick’s style of play. The vocal is used nicely in this track and really offers us something in the more traditional way Hard House was found.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: August 2003

Ronald van Gelderen – Sustain [Tsunami White Label]

Back from the success of ‘Proceed’ Ronald hits with a powerful trance masterpiece. An amazing riff combined with a true sound of Tsunami you can’t go wrong with ‘Sustain’.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: August 2003

Spider – Go Insaine/Striker [Tsunami]

The true gem on this vinyl is the ‘The Deep Trance Mix’ of ‘Striker’. A truly compelling trance anthem with a true touch of emotion real trance is all about. Featured on the Tsunami label this is a must have.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: August 2003

Babylon – Seduction [Tremolo Recordings]

Babylon hit with a ‘seductive’ trance smash that brings some funk to the sound. ‘Seduction’ is a very well produced trance hit, brilliant warm-up to get the crowd in the right frame of mind.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: August 2003

N.O.A.H. – Variegated / Globe Trotter [Phenom White Label]

Phenom is a label of Purple-Eye which of course is known for finding trance master’s and I predict big things for N.O.A.H. as being one of the big names for the future based on this release, a masterpiece.

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: August 2003

12" Reviews : May 2003

Rayden - The Sword of Power [Electronic Club Grooves]

The aftershock from Rayden returning from 'I Know Your Waiting' which featured the ever popular Uberdruck Mix. 'The Sword of Power' is a Hard Trance monster again from Rayden. Sweet riff and pounding bassline make this another smash from ECG and Rayden!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 15th May 2003

DJ Spoke - Infinity [Progressive State]

Massive tune from DJ Spoke, Infinity brings everything you would expect from previous release's and alot more with a moving breakdown combining an uplifting riff and dark vocals the combination explodes jack-in-a-box. Nice!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: 15th May 2003

12" Reviews : March 2003

Next Exit – Rise of Nations [Planet Traxx]

Straight out of Israel ‘Next Exit’ hit with a Tech Trance monster! It’s deep melody and pounding bass will rip apart any club, the breakdown in the Original Mix is very melodic. The Club Mix gives it a more trancey commercial feel.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: March 2003

Wavetraxx – Das Boot 2003 [Planet Traxx]

A bit of everything in this one, some hectic tech-trance for those later sets. Fast paced Wavetraxx hit back with another stomper! It’s repetitive vocal and acidy influences make Das Boot 2003 stand out as something quite different. The unexpected trancy breakdown makes a nice difference as it changes the tone of the track to a more trancy feel, trully a bit of everything in this one.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: March 2003

A.Y.U – Connected (the remix edition) [Drizzly]

Two fresh remixes one an instrumental both from Talla 2XLC, top trance from German label Drizzly all the way. The original was sensational if you loved that then make sure you don’t miss these remixes.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: March 2003

DJ Choose - Release Me [Drizzly]

Uplifting trance with some techno influence DJ Choose releases a tune I think falls under the techno-trance label. A nice melody and deep riff make this a massive tune!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: March 2003

Jam – Scanner EP [Sound Barrier]

One of my favourite labels at the moment Sound Barrier is a label of GAS Records, their third release to date the Scanner EP. The twisted intro and clock ticking sounds work perfectly with the dark bassline. Hardstyle at it’s best on both sides of this record, harder then a Playboy cameraman!!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: March 2003

Gianni Pellegrino DJ – Millennium [GAS Europe]

The buildup in this one is great with twisted vocal’s, there’s a lot of emotion in this record, the riff and breakdown are really something special it’s hard to put into words how good this record is just find it and buy it!!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: March 2003

Sarah G – [GAS Europe]

One of the top female DJs in the country Sarah G hit’s us with a deep trance masterpiece, perfect for setting the tone in any night The percussion and riff are perfect. If you love your trance this is a must!!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: March 2003

The Elite – The Roots of Evil [Future Sound Corporation]

Masters of there world Italian giants Trance Generators truly are back! Hardstyle in your house there remix of ‘The Roots of Evil’ is everything you could expect from them, the bassline coming back in from the break could bring King Henry VII back from the dead! Then just when you think its all coming to an end, it’s time to get acidy! Massive!!!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: March 2003

Trance Generators – Wildstyle Part Two [Future Sound Corporation]

The final part of this remix selection see’s by far one of the best remix’s this year the ‘Klasic & Sanders Remix’ takes things almost to the borderline of Hardcore! Produced in sunny Australia there’s nothing happy about this track with its dark bassline and eerie affects. Hardstyle? It truly is Wildstyle!!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: March 2003

Gly Tolly presents All Boxed In – Happen (The Remixes) [Intensive]

First released on Stress Records in 1993 ‘Happen’ has been a club anthem ever since, Sundissential residents Rob Tissera & Nick Rafferty have been given remix duty this time around giving the track a fresh feel. Rob Tissera’s remix keeps the trancy feel yet with a speed fast enough to give Colin Jackson a run for his money, very nice. On the flip Nick’s takes it to the Hard House trip adding a bit more funk and feel. Big release!!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: March 2003 Review Date: March 2003

B.C. Art – Running into your heart [EDINET]

Superb house tune featuring sweet uplifting vocals combined with a punchy bassline and smooth riff, this tune could definitely have some mainstream success, one to look out for!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: March 2003

Hatrixx – Pressure [Duty Free]

Being a big fan of the Original Mix, which is also featured on this record Tall Paul hits us with an exclusive UK remix. Taking the tune to a harder level Paul takes the house influenced Original Mix and turns it into a monster of an anthem with it’s quirky riff your have this tune stuck in your heard for days, the breakdown is very nice with it’s lush vocals, fresh sounding music with this remix from Tall Paul.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: March 2003 Review Date: March 2003

Tommy Pulse – Anger [Stealth Industries]

Massive release from the dutch production master Bas Tichelaar (a.k.a. Tommy Pulse) with former projects under production names R.B.A, Medicine Men, Lazy Jones, Heads Up formally released on Carnal, Captavating Sounds and ID&T Tommy hits us with hard and clear with the second release on his own label Stealth Industries. All mixes on this record are monsters within themselves that will knock you every which way but loose an absolute must for anyone who has enjoyed Tommy’s previous work. HUGE!!!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: March 2003 Review Date: March 2003

Trance Generators – Wildstyle Generation Part One [Future Sound Corporation]

Wildstyle brings Trance Generators style to a new level with its fast paced dark, hard and damn right dirty trance! Wildstyle Part One features the Trance Generators Original Mix which has a crazy break slowing the pace right down before setting of again. On the flipside Yoji Biomahanika gets his hands on this tune and what a remix he brings out, a man who has quickly come to the forefront of the Hardstyle music scene with his crazy DJ set’s and production talent, Yoji’s remix will no doubt bring his name to more global attention. It’s hard to decide on a favourite mix here there both brilliant and with two more mixes yet to come Christmas really can come more than once a year!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: March 2003

Guyver – Trapped / Differences [Tidy Two]

Following on from success with Serious Sound and Man on the Moon, Guy Mearns returns with Trapped a fierce Hard Dance release with some clever vocals giving the track just the right feel. On the flip the tune Differences is a manic tune which takes you all over the place. Guyver returns strong!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: 17th March 2003 Review Date: March 2003

Bobby V – Energy [Electronic Club Grooves]

The second release from Bob Vervort on ECG, taking you from one of the best riff’s I’ve heard this year into the world of a cathedral in only a way Bobby could Energy is a monster! Grab it before it’s too late!!!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: Now: Review Date: March 2003

Blutonium Boy – Make It Loud [Blutonium Records]

The German label’s secret weapon Blutonium Boy hits us with another Hard Trance master piece with it’s dark and hard pace. The DJ Neo Hardstyle Mix is a weapon for any DJ who likes there music pumped and thumped out. More of the same pleas Sir!!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Now: Review Date: March 03

Accenter & Three O. – Religion / Analog Defender [Hot Score Records]

Kicking off with Religion Accenter & Three O hit with another release on Hot Score. Religion is a trance tune which combined with it’s deep bassline and uplifting riff delivers well but is let down from the typically cheesy vocals seen in most German Trance tunes these days but a nice tune none the less. On the flip Analog Defender is a Hard Trance smasher in itself but again could do with some new vocals which dosen’t border on dodgy rap!

Rating: 6/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: March 2003

Chikkn Chekka – Rap Musikk Sukks [Balloon Records]

One of the most original tracks I’ve received in recent memory the track is based around the vocal (as you may have gathered from the title) “Rap music really sucks” and the vocalist continues to rap on about how can anyone like rap then a thumping bassline kicks in and takes you away, if you want to test a crowd’s reactions this is a definite record to throw in the mix, quite cheesy in parts but marks for originality.

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: March 2003

12" Reviews : February 2003

Jo Sandas – Lost Happiness [NuPlastix]

Nu Plastix launches it’s very own trance label after the success of ECG (Electronic Club Grooves) which is a progressive/hardstyle label and High-Heard Records their Techno/Electro. Now the German based company teams up with Jo Sandas for it’s first release, a trance tune offering a bit of everything with it’s euphoric edge and uplifting feel ‘Lost Happiness’ is a track for anyone who loves there deep trance.

Rating: 9/10 Release: TBA Review Date: February 2003

J-Bee Force – Touch Heaven [Hypnotica Records]

Sensational uplifting trance from J-Bee Force, the vocals from Helen Howells give the track something special with it’s huge uplifting chorus and riff combined. Hypnotica have returned strong with this release a must for those who love their euphoric trance.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: February 2003

Daniel Maker – Scream Or Die [Gas Europe]

Italian label GAS return with this Daniel Maker production, the break makes this track with its eerie edge building to a thunderous bassline before kicking in with it’s melodic riff, a bit of everything in this production. Very nice.

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: February 2003

Master Enjoy vs D.Lewis & Emix – Jump EP [GAS Records]

One of the strangest EP’s you will find, GAS again keep it underground with there fresh music. The Jump EP is a techno influenced release with a difference which stands out most in the brilliant Katty Vone Rmx, for a true taste of something different check this tune out. Brilliant

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: February 2003

Andrea Kristal – S.O.F. EP [GAS Records]

Fast build-up, true to GAS this has an underground feel combined with a hard edge, this tune is a no nonsense way about it, a tune that has everything a Hard Trance tune should without the cheese! Those Italians really know what they’re doing these days another must on GAS Records.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: February 2003

MIDI Experience – This Is For You [Sound Barrier]

As part of GAS Records, Sound Barrier is a label focused on bringing the very best in Hardstyle and so far they have done just that. This release, the second so far from the label showcases the production talents from Midi-J with executive producer Marco Vortex’s assistance providing the perfect combination. A must for anyone who loves their Hardstyle from one of the most exciting new labels around. Don’t miss!

Rating: 10/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: February 2003

Ronald Van Gelderen – Proceed [Tsunami]

True to the dutch sound of this label Ronald Van Gelderen (a.k.a. Kid Vidious) has produced a huge release, the melodic riff combines perfectly with the punchy bassline, Tsunami (a sub label of Purple-Eye) have released previous massive hits with Ferry Corstern and this is definitely another one to match.

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: Febraury 2003

The Alici Project – Dark Angel / Code Red [Intensive]

The classic vocal ‘There is no other alternative’ used to full affect, this tech trance tune has a pumping bassline to match it’s name. The Alici Project captures the production skills Dave Holmes and Steve Morley [both Tidy Trax aliases]

Rating: 7/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: Febraury 2003

Jon the Baptist – Insomnia and Neutron [Future Sound Corporation]

Italian label Future Sound Corp’s 18th release shows the production talent of Jon the Baptist, Insomnia is an uplifting Hard Trance release, it’s break captures the feel of the track, first decent Uplifting Hard Trance tune I’ve heard in a long time with both tracks offering something worth listening to. .

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: Now Review Date: February 2003

Ben K – Constitution / Techno-logy [Tidy]

Newcomer to Tidy Ben K hits us with a fast and furious release, already a showcase on ‘Extreme Euphoria’ Constitution is a track true Tidy fans will love. On the flip Techno-logy is a techno influenced hard house track which will take you all over the place. First of many releases set to come from Ben K. Get it!

Rating: 8/10 Release Date: 3rd March Review Date: February 2003

Tomcat – State Of Motion / I’m Still Free [Tidy Two]

New name signed to the Tidy label Tomcat produces this two track release, State Of Motion & I’m Still Free are two Hard Trance/Hard Dance tunes which with it’s massive break riff building up to a thunderous bassline is a tune for those who like it hard yet keeping it’s Trancy riff. A strong first release from Tomcat and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Rating: 8/10 Release 24th Feb 2003 Review Date: February 2003

Dave Holmes – Freedom [Tidy Two]

Hard Dance time from David Holmes, Lee Haslam steels the honours here coming back from his massive tune ‘Music is the Drug’ and his production of ‘Resonate’. The key to this release is the sample from George W.Bush, it’s a Hard Dance monster and noting less!

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: 17th Feb 2003 Review Date: February 2003

PSR Dream Team – History [Progressive State Records]

DJ Spoke & Vespa 63 make the PSR Dream Team, this is an uplifting trance number, it’s sweet riff and hair raising vocals make this one of the finest uplifting tracks released from PSR. On the B-Side we have the Hammer Mix which takes the track to the harder area these producers would be perhaps more well known for. Very strong release

Rating: 9/10 Release Date: TBA Review Date: February 2003

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