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and playlists by leading underground/progressive DJs plus links to more sites with charts.
Chart indices available:
-Chronological (last 6 months by date)
-2002/3 Cumulative Charts Database.

catalog of selected commercial and promotional dance music releases from the 1970's to present including label, track, BPM, mix and mixer details (search interface -beta ver.). Many of the mixes and tracks included are specifically released for professional dj use and may only be available to qualified djs.

searchable catalog to other dance music resources on the WWW including links to artist, label, retail music store and dj sites.

links page designed to help zero in on the plethora of new dance releases.

of dance releases available on this site are indexed and linked here.

with details on a few stores which sell dance product, particularly in Florida, plus links to other store directories.

Frequently Asked Questions, contact information.

D.J. Rhythms is a web resource for dance music and dj'ing information with a major focus on house and electronic dance genres. D.J. Rhythms is not a retail store, record label, or production company. Product is not sold, distributed or available for download via the D.J. Rhythms web site. Please use our store and links directory to find legally available product for purchase.

PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS. DJS AND MUSIC - don't illegally download or share music.

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