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Country: US
Web site info: Remix! - a remix program service for sale only to professional disc jockeys who adhere to the terms and conditions of the subscription agreement. Word on the street is that this service suspended operation in mid-2000. The website,, was not active when checked on 3 Jan. 2001.

A dj promotional remix service established in Nov. 1996 originally under the name Remix! Central. Word on the street is that the service suspended operation in mid-2000. D.J. Rhythms has not confirmed this, but the web site is no longer operational. The has issued a wide variety of series:

Last info. available:
8604 Second Avenue #310
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Ph.: 1-301-588-2181
Fax: 1-301-588-2232
email: RMXCentral@AOL.COM

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