Razormaid!: Transit! Position-18
...CD: Razormaid! TRAN-CD-P18 (US), 1996.
01 Kellee My Love (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [BPM info: 125.2 -(@1'32)0 -125.2 -(@4'20")125.5 Key: F minor Desc.: "Kelle...My Love," I thought, "gee this thing has already been worked." But, ohh is like no other. The irritating edges of the song have been smoothed out as it smoothly weaves from variation to variation.] - 125.2
02 Sasha I Want My Freedom (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [Key: Bb minor] - 126.8
03 Original, The I Luv U Baby (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [BPM info: 125.4 -126.4 -127.0 Key: F minor] - 125.4
04 Time Zone Imagination (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [BPM info: 126.2 -126.4 Key: Ab minor] - 126.2
05 D.J. Groovy Shake It (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [Key: Ab minor Outro: vf] - 129.9
06 Dark Noize Organic Reaction (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [Key: A minor] - 129.9
07 Bruno, Tony Exogroove (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [BPM info: 132.3 -132.6 -132.1 -132.6 -132.5 -132.5 -132.3 Key: Gb minor Outro: vf] - 132.3
08 Crescendo Are You Out There? (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [Key: Db minor] - 133.0
09 Syntec Angel (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [Key: Eb minor Desc.: Kraftwerk electronic-styled] - 133.0
10 Hyperactive Low Tom (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [Key: C minor] - 132.8
11 Le Club Love (Razormaid! DIgital Remix) [Key: B minor] - 136.1

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