Razormaid!: Transit! Position-10
...CD: Razormaid! TRAN-CD-P10 (US), 1994.
01 Flexx Wake Up (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: Eb minor] - 129.0
02 Urban Cookie Collective Sail Away (Digital Mix / Glenn Cattanach) [Key: Bb minor] - 132.0
03 Corona Rhythm of the Night (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: C minor] - 133.0
04 Phase III You Got to Get Loose (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: B major] - 132.0
05 U.S.U.R.A. Drive Me Crazy (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: Gb minor] - 134.0
06 Zoom This Must Be Love (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: F minor] - 135.0
07 Heavy Mental Mentahsma (Digital Mix / Robert Farrell) [Key: D minor] - 135.0
08 Motiv 8 Rockin' for Myself (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: D minor] - 134.0
09 Magic Affair Give Me All Your Love (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: D minor] - 136.0
10 Maxx No More (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: D minor] - 138.0
11 Face II Face I Want You (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: E minor] - 139.0

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