Razormaid!: Seismic Sound CD-04
...CD: Razormaid! SS-CD-04 (US), 1992.
01 Castro Be What You Wanna Be (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Thom Bland) [Key: G minor] - 129.0
02 Violent Vision Why? (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Chris Cox) [Key: Ab minor] - 129.0
03 C.Y.B.E.R.F.U.N.K. II Peak Society (Razormaid! Digital Deconstruction / Joseph Watt) [Key: Ab minor] - 130.0
04 Noise Control Tehniska Musika (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Thom Bland) [Key: F minor] - 130.0
05 Zero-B Module (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Robert Farrell) [Key: F minor] - 131.0
06 Sequencial Schmittrigger (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Chris Cox) [Key: F minor] - 132.0
07 Kranz Helmut Kohl Ist Tot (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: Bb minor] - 134.0
08 Influid Swamp (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Robert Farrell) [Key: C minor] - 134.0
09 Egma Don't Have To Be Jesus (Razormaid! Digital Mix / Chris Cox) [Key: Db minor] - 136.0
10 N.U.K.E. Moontrip Medley (Razormaid! Digital Deconstruction / Joseph Watt) [Key: Db minor] - 140.0
11 Interactive Intercollection Medley (Razormaid! Digital Deconstruction / Joseph Watt) [Key: Db minor] - 121.0

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