Razormaid!: SP-016: This is Only a Test!
...12 inch vinyl: Razormaid! SP-016 (US), 1991.
1.1 Fe Fi Fo Fum Beat Your Body (Art Maharg) - 115.0
1.2 Desireless Elle Est Comme Les Etoiles (Art Maharg)[Desc.: Bassline ala: Natalie Cole's, "Wild Women Do."] - 115.0
2.1 Bagger, Angie Where Were You Last Night (Joseph Watt) - 118.0
2.2 Gina Y Tokyo By Night (Joseph Watt) - 125.0
3.1 Brucken, Claudia Absolute (Joseph Watt) - 115.0
3.2 Humpe, Inga Riding Into Blue (Joseph Watt) - 120.0
4.1 Human League Heart Like A Wheel (Art Maharg) - 119.0
4.2 Cabaret Voltaire Easy Life (Art Maharg) - 122.0
Note: Lime green vinyl

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