Razormaid!: SLOW-CD 5: Maid! How Slow Can You Go?
...CD: Razormaid! SLOW-CD-05 (US), 1993.
01 Mignon Me Voy Sonando (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: D minor] - 93.0
02 D-Twins Foreign Affair (Digital Mix / Thom Bland) [Key: Db minor] - 94.0
03 Our Heaven Heaven in Pain (Digital Remix / Joseph Watt) [Key: Gb minor] - 95.0
04 Sandra Johnny Wanna Live (Digital Remix / Joseph Watt) [Key: Db minor Note: Drumbeat = Sofia Shinas, "The Message," on HT-CD-11-05 (Track 3).] - 97.0
05 Tasmin Archer Sleeping Satellite (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: F minor] - 96.0
06 FMT So Into You (Digital Mix / Thom Bland) [Key: Ab minor] - 100.0
07 Pharao Ella (Digital Mix / Thom Bland) [Key: G minor Note: Enigma drumbeat w/ arabic sound.] - 102.0
08 Sandra Don't Be Aggresive (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: A minor] - 104.0
09 Mylene Farmer Beyond My Control (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: Db minor] - 105.0
10 LDC Space (Digital Mix / Joseph Watt) [Key: D minor] - 112.0
11 Rosenberg, Marianne Nie Mehr So Wie Es War (Digital Mix / Thom Bland) [Key: D minor] - 114.0

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