Razormaid!: Razormaid o-24
...2X12 inch vinyl: Razormaid! RM o-24 (US).
1a Lahiri, Bappi Habiba (Razormaid! Re-edit) - 113.0
1b Friends of Mr. Cairo The Caravan (Razormaid! Re-edit) - 114.0
2a Moments of Ecstasy You and Me (Razormaid! Re-edit) - 114.0
2b Signal Aout 42 Why Not ...a Medley! - 118.0
3a Robotiko Rejeckto Umsturz Jetz! (Razormaid! Re-edit) - 122.0
3b Echo Romeo Your Tears (Razormaid! 90' Remix / Joseph Watt) - 124.0
4a Nitzer Ebb Control I'm Here (Razormaid! Re-edit) - 128.0
4b Jarre, Jean-Michel Revolutions (Razormaid! Re-edit) - 130.0
Producer: Joseph Watt & Art Maharg Note: Red vinyl. Die-cut sleeve.

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