Razormaid!: Razormaid !-20
...2X12 inch vinyl: Razormaid! RM !-20 (US), 1988.
1a Tribantura Lack of Sense (Razormaid! Re-edit / Joseph Watt) - 120.0
1b Pluuto Isn't It Crazy (Razormaid! Re-edit / Michael Lewis) - 118.0
2a Raze Break for Love (Razormaid! Re-edit / Joseph Watt) - 121.0
2b Pet Shop Boys I Get Excited (Razormaid! Re-edit / Art Maharg) - 124.0
3a Erotic Dissidents Move Your Ass & Feel the Beat (Razormaid! Re-edit / Joseph Watt) - 109.0
3b Yello The Race (Razormaid! Re-edit / Art Maharg) - 121.0
4a Psychic TV Turn on (To Thee Acid House) (Razormaid! Re-edit / Joseph Watt) - 124.0
4b Harrow, David Move To It (Razormaid! Deconstruction / Art Maharg) - 124.0
Producer: Joseph Watt & Art Maharg Note: White vinyl. Die-cut sleeve.

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