Razormaid!: O.U.R. Sector 27
...CD: Razormaid! OUR-Sector-27 (US), 2001/03.
01 Maze, Dan Get Funky (Original Mix) [Key: Gb] - 128.0
02 James Polished the Fish What? (Original Extended Mix) [Key: D] - 129.0
03 Smoke City Mr. Gorgeous (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix) [Key: Ab] - 129.0
04 Jazzy M Jazzin' the Way U Like It (Ministry Mix) [Key: B] - 131.0
05 Cut La Roc Freeze (Extended Mix) [Key: F] - 130.0
06 Kluster Music Down (Elecktro Dub Mix) [Key: F] - 130.0
07 Chicane Don't Give Up (Original Mix) [Key: C] - 130.0
08 Mirwais Naive Song (Olav Basoski Mix) [Key: G] - 132.0
09 Broncko Future Music (Glenn's Future Remix) [Key: E] - 132.0
10 Powel I'm Ready (Extended Mix) [Key: A] - 132.0
11 Afro Medusa Pasida (Knee Deep Mix) [Key: Db] - 133.0
12 De Moor, Vincent Eternity (DJ Philp & Delvino Remix) [Key: Bb] - 137.0

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