Promo Only: UK Underground Beats [2004-02] February 2004
...CD: Promo Only UK-UB-2004-02 (US), 2004/02/01.
1A Davis Jnr, Roy About Love (Jon Marsh All About Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Classic] 8:19 125.0
1B Funk D'Void All That Matters (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Soma] 6:37 129.0
2A Onionz What Mama Says (Original Mix - Taken From The Swing EP) [Orig. Label: Carioca Records] 7:56 126.0
2B 3rd Face Canto Della Liberta (Rob Mello No Ears Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Classic] 8:08 125.0
3A Presta, Peter f./The Bodyguard Inside & Out (Presta's Apple Jaxx Mix) [Orig. Label: Kinky Vinyl] 6:12 129.0
3B Stef Vrolijk Little Julia (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Little Mountain Records] 8:09 131.0
4A Rude Rkade ft Morten Luco Beautiful (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Underwater Records] 7:34 125.0
4B Ultim 8 French Kisz (Taken From The Ultim 8 EP) [Orig. Label: Soul Shake] 6:24 124.0
5A Meat Katie Meets Christian J Turn Me Out (D Ramirez Remix) [Orig. Label: Kingsize] 7:58 129.0
5B Del 5 Booty People, The (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: End Recordings] 9:57 125.0
6A Del Gardo, Pedro Tango (Stanny Frannsen Remix) [Orig. Label: Yin Yang] 7:34 139.0
6B New Disco Science Alliance Only Way Home (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Progress Inn] 9:16 132.0
7A Cohen v Deluxe Just Kick! (Carl Cox Mix) [Orig. Label: Intec] 6:39 134.0
7B Matthew Dekay Band Higher Thoughts (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Little Mountain Records] 10:45 129.0
8A Heller, Hardy & Pete Gawtry Luna Cabana (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Tune Inn] 7:30 127.0
8B Black, Mal Gravity Pull (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Convert] 8:15 128.0
9A Blakkat Give Into Love (Full Circle) (Soulriders Midnight Rendezvous Mix) [Orig. Label: Shaboom] 9:07 124.0
9B Xavier, Tim & Wale Taiwo Ode To Rush (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Advanced] 5:01 137.0

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