Promo Only: UK Club Beats [2003-10] October 2003
...CD: Promo Only UK-CB-2003-10 (US), 2003/10/01.
1A Massive Lust Never (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Oxyd Records] 6:05 127.0
1B Negro, Joey pres_ Akabu Way, The (Joey Negro Main Mix) [Orig. Label: NRK Sound Divison Ltd.] 7:39 126.0
2A Slider ft. Tempo Rei Boca Louca (Nick Sushy Touch Rmx) [Orig. Label: OXYD RECORDS] 6:56 126.0
2B Electroluv Stand Up (If You're Ready) (Harlem Hustlers Central Park Mix) [Orig. Label: RISE/TIME SRL] 6:48 127.0
3A High Calibre Dancefloor (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Nocturnal Recordings] 5:23 128.0
3B Swen G* feat. Sua Amoa House Music Lover (Extended Deep Version) [Orig. Label: Clubland Records GmbH] 6:17 129.0
4A Outback Minds In Motion (Original) [Orig. Label: Armada Music B.V.] 7:58 134.0
4B Noferini & DJ Guy Ft. Hilary Sunny Day, A (Sound Plan Rmx) [Orig. Label: LOUD BIT RECORDS/TIME SRL] 5:42 129.0
5A Lost Tribe Gamemaster (Michael Woods Remix) [Orig. Label: LIQUID ASSET RECORDINGS] 8:30 134.0
5B Planisphere NYE (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Green Martian, BE] 10:36 134.0
6A Wellenrausch On The Run (M.o.r.p.h. vs Van Eyden Remix) [Orig. Label: SPACEPARK Records/45 Music GmbH] 7:14 136.0
6B Imre Konti Kentari (Wellenrausch Remix) [Orig. Label: Spacepark Records, DE] 7:34 137.0
7A Plastic Boy Night Hawk (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Bansee Worx, BE] 7:02 137.0
7B Envio Touched By The Sun (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Armada Music B.V..] 8:28 137.0
8A VPL In The Park (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Closet Recordings] 7:29 137.0
8B B'Jammin vs Marco Havel Future, The (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Relative Records] 8:11 137.0
9A Kaye, Ben vs. Deeprose & Thompson I'm Your DJ (Stimulator Remix) [Orig. Label: Tidytwo] 6:35 145.0
9B Ingo Vs. Charlie J Crazy Fuck (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Vacuum Recordings] 7:10 149.0

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