Promo Only: Underground Club [2002-10] October 2002
...CD: Promo Only U-CLUB-2002-10 (US), 2002/10/01.
01 Brandy He is (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix) [Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 7:23 122.0
02 Mimosa feat. Angie Giles Say You'll Be Mine (The Dubby Mix) [Orig. Label: Deep Touch Records] 6:13 124.0
03 Yasmeen Blue Jeans (Rizzo's Bellbottom Mix) [Orig. Label: MCA Records] 7:03 125.0
04 Slasher Mind Trip (Mind Mix) [Orig. Label: SFP Records] 7:54 126.0
05 Lamya Empires (That Kid Chris Mix) [Orig. Label: J Records] 8:56 128.0
06 Definite Grooves feat. Marisa Turner Feelin Good (Definite Grooves Mix) [Orig. Label: Stoneyboy Music] 6:18 128.0
07 Enamor I Cry (Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Episode/Waako Records] 7:00 128.0
08 DJ Session One Ocean of Emotion (Antonio Berardi House Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Neurodisc Records] 5:30 128.0
09 Deanna Raise Your Hands (Ford's Trance Commander Mix) [Orig. Label: Full Blast Records] 7:32 130.0
10 Amerie Why Don't We Fall In Love (Erich Lee Decibel Remix) [Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 6:07 131.0

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