Promo Only: Underground Club [2002-03] March 2002
...CD: Promo Only U-CLUB-2002-03 (US), 2002/03/01.
01 Stone, Angie Wish I Didn't Miss You (LP Mix) [Orig. Label: J Records] 4:23 124.0
02 Espiritu In Praise Of The Sun (Mr. Joshua Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 7:29 125.0
03 Georgie Porgie Love's Gonna Save The Day (Terry's Vinyl Soul Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Vinyl Soul Records] 6:53 126.0
04 Jamiroquai You Give Me Something (Full Intention Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Epic Records] 7:09 126.0
05 Johnny D & Nicky P Presents Brooklyn Zoo II Bone Up (Henry St. Mix) [Orig. Label: 4th Floor Records] 6:22 127.0
06 DJ Phenix Splinter In Your Side (Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Defected (UK)] 8:35 127.0
07 Dino V Superstar (Maurice's Nusoul Mix) [Orig. Label: Nu Soul Recordings] 6:51 127.0
08 iiO Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) (John Creamer And Stephane K Mix) [Orig. Label: Universal Records] 9:51 130.0
09 Marsha Distant Places (Mike Rizzo Club) [Orig. Label: Webster Hall Records] 7:29 134.0
10 Riva Feat. Danii Minogue Who Do You Love Now (Riva's Bora Bora Remix) [Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 8:08 135.0

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