Promo Only: Underground Club [2001-04] April 2001
...CD: Promo Only U-CLUB-2001-04 (US), 2001/04/01.
01 DJ R & R Shine (R&R Main Shine Mix) [Orig. Label: Waako Records] 5:44 120.0
02 Pound Boys Jack It Up (Johnny Corporate Vocal) [Orig. Label: Look At You Records] 7:56 124.0
03 DJ Pierre AKA the Don Switch 2001 (Sax Mix) [Orig. Label: Nitegrooves] 8:59 127.0
04 Ballard, Ashley Hottie (E-Smoove Mix) [Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 7:09 128.0
05 Bipath Paranoize (Main Path) [Orig. Label: Saw.Recordings] 11:49 128.0
06 New Order True Faith (Morel's Pink Noise "Calling Shifty Dub Mix") [Orig. Label: Reprise Records] 7:24 128.0
07 Tomiie, Satoshi Love in Traffic (John Creamer & Stephanie K Remix) [Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 10:12 129.0
08 Godwin Only You (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: SoundDesign] 7:40 130.0
09 Deepah Ones Makin' Love (Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Basement Boys Records] 6:13 131.0

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