Promo Only: Rhythm Radio [2002-10] October 2002
...CD: Promo Only R-RADIO-2002-10 (US), 2002/10/01.
01 Sera That Girl Wouldn't Listen (Dance Mix/Radio Edit) [Intro: 0:16 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Liquid 8/Aezra/BMG Records] 3:41 127.0
02 Fat Joe feat. Ginuwine Crush Tonight (Clean Version) [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Atlantic Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:52 92.0
03 Las Ketchup The Ketchup Song (Hey Hah) (Spanglish Version) [Intro: 0:10 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 3:29 185.0
04 Pausini, Laura Surrender (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit) [Intro: 0:13 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 4:05 130.0
05 Ashanti Baby (Album Version) [Intro: 0:21 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Murder Inc/AJM/Island Def Jam Music Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 4:26 79.0
06 Shakira Objection (Tango) (Kupper's Deep Future Radio Edit) [Intro: 0:16 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Epic Records] 4:24 130.0
07 Scarface On My Block [Intro: 0:03 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Island Def Jam Music Licensee: ASCAP] 3:28 82.0
08 Brandy He is (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit) [Intro: 0:15 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 3:57 132.0
09 Nivea feat. Brian & Brandon Casey Don't Mess With My Man (Version 1) [Intro: 0:21 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Jive Records Licensee: ASCAP/SESAC] 3:34 100.0
10 Groove Armada My Friend (DJ Icey Around The Way Edit) [Intro: 0:06 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Jive Records] 3:31 132.0
11 Rowland, Kelly Stole (Pop Edit) [Intro: 0:10 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 3:55 80.0
12 Fiori Heaven [Intro: 0:06 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: 24/7/Artemis Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:31 141.0
13 Prymary Colorz If You Only Knew (Darkchild Radio Edit) [Intro: 0:01 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Big3 Records] 3:55 95.0
14 Neja Back 4 the Morning [Intro: 0:04 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment Licensee: ASCAP] 3:26 130.0
15 Shaggy feat. Brian & Tony Gold Hey Sexy Lady [Intro: 0:09 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Big Yard/MCA Records] 3:20 102.0
16 Brooklyn Queens Amanda (JJ Flores Radio Edit #1) [Intro: 0:27 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Tommy Boy Records] 3:50 136.0
17 Minogue, Kylie Come Into My World [Intro: 0:07 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Capitol Records] 4:04 125.0
18 David, Craig What's Your Flava? [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Wildstar/Atlantic Records] 3:34 108.0

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