Promo Only: Rhythm Club [1999-12] December 1999
...CD: Promo Only R-CLUB-1999-12 (US), 1999/12/01.
01 Limp Bizkit N 2 Gether Now (Clean Version) [Orig. Label: Interscope Records] 3:55 103.0
02 Naughty By Nature Holiday (Hot 40 Remix) [Orig. Label: Arista Records] 3:59 107.0
03 Grandmaster Slice Strokin' 2000 (Radio/Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Wingspan Records] 3:52 115.0
04 Iglesias, Enrique Rhythm Divine (Fernando Garibay Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Interscope Records] 5:35 124.0
05 Martin, Ricky Shake Your Bon-Bon (Fernando Garibay Club Mix) [Orig. Label: C2/Columbia Records] 5:59 124.0
06 Suzy, Lil You're the Only One (Original Extended) [Orig. Label: Metropolitan Recording Corporation] 4:01 129.0
07 M:G Aphrodisiac (Extended Summer Mix) [Orig. Label: Classified Records] 6:55 130.0
08 Fulanito Brand New Millennium Cookout (Party Mix) [Orig. Label: Cutting Records] 6:57 134.0
09 Jones, Yvette That's If You Want It (Beat Digga Extended Mix) [Orig. Label: FML Recordings] 5:03 134.0
10 702 You Don't Know (Charles' Bass Mix) [Orig. Label: Motown Records] 6:33 134.0
11 Sonique It Feels So Good (Sonique's Breakbeat Edit) [Orig. Label: Caffeine Records] 6:03 135.0
12 Precious Precious Little Fantasy (Original Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Sonic Gruv] 5:09 135.0
13 Fulanito Fulanito Acapella Countdown (Acapella) [Orig. Label: Cutting Records] :45 -
14 Hashim Al-Naafyish (The Soul) (Johnny Vicious Mix) [Orig. Label: Cutting Records] 6:57 137.0
15 Smooth, Chuck Bumpin' Uglies (Album Version) [Orig. Label: Wingspan Records] 3:42 137.0

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