Promo Only: Mainstream Radio [2001-08] August 2001
...CD: Promo Only M-RADIO-2001-08 (US), 2001/08/01.
01 Keys, Alicia Fallin' [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: J Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:15 64.0
02 Nelly Batter Up (Clean Edit w/ Mutes) [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Universal Records Licensee: ASCAP] 4:12 80.0
03 Cake Short Skirt/Long Jacket [Intro: 0:11 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Columbia Records Licensee: BMI] 3:21 120.0
04 Milian, Christina AM to PM (Mainstream Version w/o Intro) [Intro: 0:09 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Def Soul/Island Def Jam Music Group Licensee: BMI] 3:33 105.0
05 U2 Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out of [Intro: 0:12 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Interscope Records] 3:41 79.0
06 Gray, Macy feat. Erykah Badu Sweet Baby [Intro: 0:12 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Epic Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:48 81.0
07 Eden's Crush Love This Way (Bass Mix) [Intro: 0:28 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: London-Sire Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 4:11 140.0
08 Uncle Kracker Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [Intro: 0:15 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Lava/Atlantic Records] 4:15 88.0
09 Dido Hunter [Intro: 0:04 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Cheeky/Arista Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:49 92.0
10 Sugarbomb Hello [Intro: 0:16 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: RCA Records] 3:26 112.0
11 Soluna Bring It to Me [Intro: 0:18 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Dreamworks Records] 3:00 101.0
12 Gorillaz Clint Eastwood [Intro: 0:11 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Virgin Records Licensee: BMI] 3:44 84.0
13 Darude Sandstorm [Intro: 0:14 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Strictly Rhythm Records] 3:44 136.0
14 Moore, Mandy Crush (Ric Wake Mix) [Intro: 0:09 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Epic Records] 3:49 102.0
15 Ray-J Wait a Minute [Intro: 0:19 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Atlantic Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:53 100.0
16 Ammons, Angela Always Getting Over You [Intro: 0:08 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Abrupt/Universal Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:27 93.0
17 Elan I'm in Love with You, Girl [Intro: 0:01 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: London-Sire Records] 3:26 101.0
18 Toya I Do!! [Intro: 0:23 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Arista Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:34 78.0
19 Verve Pipe, The Never Let You Down [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: RCA Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:34 106.0
20 K.G.B., The Lover Undercover [Intro: 0:04 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Dreamworks Records Licensee: BMI] 3:51 91.0
21 Little T and One Track Mike Shaniqua (Modified Version) [Intro: 0:13 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Lava/Atlantic Records] 3:14 105.0

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