Promo Only: Mainstream Club [2003-03] March 2003
...CD: Promo Only M-CLUB-2003-03 (US), 2003/03/01.
10A Martin, Billie Ray Honey (Above And Beyond Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Nervous Records] 7:19 137.0
11A Hawkshaw, Kirsty Fine Day (Mike Koglin 12" Mix) [Orig. Label: Nettwerk Records] 7:38 137.0
1A Nevins, Jason Vs. Eric B. & Rakim I Know You Got Soul (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Radikal Records] 5:58 124.0
1B Gachet, Marina Rhythm of the World (Passengerz Violation - Club) [Orig. Label: Assassin Music Group] 7:20 125.0
2A Vi3 Eyes Closed So Tight (Nu Soul Club Version) [Orig. Label: MCA Records] 5:46 125.0
2B Murk Vs. Kristine W Some Lovin' (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix) [Orig. Label: Tommy Boy Silver Label] 10:05 128.0
3A Kreo' Burn for You (The Cop 4 Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment] 6:07 127.0
3B Solange Feelin' You (Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Music World Music/Columbia Records] 9:32 130.0
4A Dirty Vegas I Should Know (Wally Lopez Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Credence/Capitol Records] 7:09 128.0
4B Happy Clappers Vs. Chris Cox I Believe (Chris Cox Bootleg Mix) [Orig. Label: Provacative Music/The Right Stuff] 9:17 130.0
5A Cher When the Money's Gone (Brother Brown H & H Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Warner Bros Records] 8:03 128.0
5B Moore, Rose Why/E Si Do Maya E Si (Extension 119 Club Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: OmTown/Higher Octave Music] 7:22 130.0
6A Supreme Beings Of Leisure Ghetto (29 Palms Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Palm Pictures] 6:53 130.0
6B Sheik, Duncan On a High (Gabriel & Dresden's Love From Humboldt Vocal) [Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 8:52 130.0
7A Lazard, Sasha Battle of Erishkigal (Minge Binge Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: OmTown/Higher Octave Music] 6:42 130.0
7B Soluna Monday Mi Amor (Widelife Club Remix) [Orig. Label: DreamWorks Records] 9:19 132.0
8A Stakey, Renee Rainy Day (Boris & Beck Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment] 8:12 132.0
8B Reina No One's Gonna Change You (Jonathan Peters Soundfactory Mix) [Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment] 11:08 133.0
9A Kohl, Ernest You Make Me Weak (Nocturnal Club Remix) [Orig. Label: Wide Angle Records] 8:33 134.0
9B CTGP Jump (Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Club Mix") [Orig. Label: Topaz Records] 5:15 142.0

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