Promo Only: Mainstream Club [2003-01] January 2003
...CD: Promo Only M-CLUB-2003-01 (US), 2003/01/01.
01 Braxton, Toni feat. Loon Hit the Freeway (Hex Hector Club Vocal) [Orig. Label: Arista Records] 8:33 127.0
02 Cassius with Steve Edwards Sound of Violence (Feel Like I Wanna Be Inside of You), (Narcotic Thrust's Two Minute Warning Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Astralwerks Records] 7:31 127.0
03 Telepopmusik Breathe (Watkins 'Mark-Us Of Respect') [Orig. Label: Capitol Records] 7:48 129.0
04 Alcazar Don't You Want Me (Junior's Earth Club Anthem) [Orig. Label: E-Magine Music/Junior Vasquez Music] 10:19 130.0
05 Rockell Tears (Dezrok Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment] 11:14 132.0
06 Lange feat. Skye Drifting Away (Original 12" Mix) [Orig. Label: Radikal Records] 7:57 136.0
07 Infernal Muzaik (Extended Mix) [Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment] 5:03 136.0
08 Boomkat The Wreckoning (Brother Brown Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Dreamworks Records] 7:42 136.0
09 Dallas Superstars Helium (JS16 High Energy Mix) [Orig. Label: Serious/Stockholm/MCA Records] 6:48 138.0
10 Brickman, Jim feat. Jane Krakowski From Ally McBeal You (Giuseppe D's Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Windham Hill] 5:22 138.0

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