Promo Only: Mainstream Club [2002-09] September 2002
...CD: Promo Only M-CLUB-2002-09 (US), 2002/09/01.
10A Gail, Eyra The Flame (Marano Extended Mix) [Orig. Label: 24/7 Records] 4:56 135.0
1A Beyonce Work It Out (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix) [Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 7:09 126.0
1B Yasmeen Blue Jeans (Bastone & Burnz Hiphugger Mix) [Orig. Label: MCA Records] 7:21 125.0
2A Crow, Sheryl Steve McQueen (The Minge Binge Great Escape) [Orig. Label: A&M Records] 6:25 127.0
2B Rubio, Paulina Don't Say Goodbye (Mike Rizzo Mix) [Orig. Label: Universal Records] 8:58 126.0
3A Puretone Addicted To Bass (Different Gear Mix) [Orig. Label: MTA/V2 Records] 8:32 128.0
3B M-Factor Mother (Are You Ready To Play) (Dirty Vegas Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Serious/MCA Records] 8:28 127.0
4A Blige, Mary J. He Think I Don't Know (HQ2 Club Mix) [Orig. Label: MCA Records] 8:24 128.0
4B Sanchez, Roger Pres. Translantic Soul Release Yo Self (Robbie Rivera's Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: You/Ultra Records] 7:35 128.0
5A Jewel Serve the Ego (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 9:22 129.0
5B Balligomingo Sweet Allure (Ebar Remix) [Orig. Label: Windham Hill/BMG] 7:32 128.0
6A t.A.T.u. All the Things She Said (Mark!'s Intellectual Vocal) [Orig. Label: Interscope Records] 9:40 130.0
6B Houston, Whitney Whatchulookinat (Thunderpuss Anthem Mix) [Orig. Label: Arista Records] 11:53 128.0
7A Lamya Empires (Illicit Siren Mix) [Orig. Label: J Records] 8:53 130.0
7B Gaynor, Gloria I Never Knew (HQ2 Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Logic Records] 8:56 135.0
8A Amerie Why Don't We Fall In Love (Erich Lee Decibel Remix) [Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 6:07 131.0
8B Hannah Blinded (Extended Mix) [Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment] 6:08 136.0
9A McLoud, Nicole Searchin' (Dezrok Extended Club) [Orig. Label: 24/7 Records] 7:34 133.0
9B Van Dahl, Ian Reason (Lange Remix) [Orig. Label: Robbins Entertainment] 8:04 140.0

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