Promo Only: Mainstream Club [2002-01] January 2002
...CD: Promo Only M-CLUB-2002-01 (US), 2002/01/01.
01 Shakira Whenever, Wherever (Tracy Young's Spin Cycle Mix) [Orig. Label: Epic Records] 7:01 125.0
02 Minogue, Kylie Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Plastika Mix) [Orig. Label: Parlophone/Capitol Records] 9:25 126.0
03 Jackson, Janet Son Of A Gun (alB. rich Son Of A Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Virgin Records] 6:58 126.0
04 Jamiroquai You Give Me Something (Full Intention Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Epic Records] 7:11 126.0
05 Soluna Bring It To Me (Victor Calderone Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Dreamworks Records] 9:19 128.0
06 Carey, Mariah Never Too Far/Hero (Mike Rizzo/Ernie Lake Club Remix) [Orig. Label: Virgin Records] 7:40 132.0
07 iiO Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) (Riva Mix) [Orig. Label: Ministry Of Sound/Universal Records] 7:30 134.0
08 New Order Someone Like You (Gabriel And Dresden's Voco-Tech Dub) [Orig. Label: Qwest/Reprise Records] 11:10 134.0
09 Funky Green Dogs You Got Me (Burnin' Up) (DJ Asle Mixshow Edit) [Orig. Label: MCA Records] 5:45 136.0
10 Absolom Stars (Extended Mix) [Orig. Label: Xtreme Records] 5:47 142.0

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