Promo Only: Mainstream Club [1998-03] March 1998
...CD: Promo Only M-CLUB-1998-03 (US), 1998/03.
01 Aqua Turn Back Time (Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: MCA Records] 7:28 116.0
02 Salt 'N Pepa Gitty Up (Soul Solution Mix) [Outro: Fade Orig. Label: London/Red Ant Entertainment] 3:49 122.0
03 Jamiroquai High Times (Roger S's Bionic Supachronic) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Work] 8:38 124.0
04 Sex-O-Sonique I Thought It Was You (12 inch Mix) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: ffrr] 6:42 127.0
05 Flashback Black Betty (D4J Easy Mix) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Four Fingers] 6:12 128.0
06 Rimes, LeAnn How Do I Live (Mr. Mig Dance/Club Edit) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Curb Records] 7:45 128.0
07 Stansfield, Lisa I'm Leavin' (Main Club Mix) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Arista Records] 10:07 128.0
08 Janet I Get Lonely (Janet Vs. Jason - The Club Remix) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Virgin Records] 8:08 129.0
09 React Can't Keep My Hands Off You (Vission & Lorimer Groovando Mix / Richard "Humpty" Vission & Pete Lorimer) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 6:05 130.0
10 Brooklyn Bounce Real Bass, The (Klubbshake Mix) [Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Edel] 6:16 132.0

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