Promo Only: Mainstream Club [1996-10] October 1996
...CD: Promo Only M-CLUB-1996-10 (US), 1996/10.
01 Dion, Celine It's All Coming Back To Me Now [Outro: Cold] 8:12 121.0
02 Gabrielle Give Me A Little More Time [Outro: Cold] 7:50 124.0
03 Staxx Of Joy Shout [Outro: Cold] 7:08 127.0
04 3rd Party Can U Feel It [Outro: Cold] 7:37 128.0
05 Raoination & Mazelle, Kym Love Me The Right Way '96 [Outro: Cold] 5:25 128.0
06 E-N That Sound [Outro: Fade] 6:21 128.0
07 Todd Terry Presents Keep On Jumpin' [Outro: Cold] 6:22 129.0
08 Don Pres. Phat Heads III, The Does It Feel [Outro: Cold] 4:12 131.0
09 World Wide Message Tribe Real Thing, The [Outro: Cold] 6:16 134.0
10 Rockell I Fell In Love [Outro: Fade] 6:23 135.0
11 Denine w/Collage Love Of A Lifetime [Outro: Cold] 5:49 136.0

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