Promo Only: Import Club [1998-11] November 1998
...CD: Promo Only I-CLUB-1998-11 (US), 1998/11.
01 Diggler, Dirk Beat, The (Fred & Ginger Mix) [Orig. Label: Freebass (UK)] 7:49 130.0
02 Golden Girls Kinetic (Rhythm Masters Melodic Mix) [Orig. Label: Distinct'ive (UK)] 6:58 133.0
03 Terra Ferma Featuring I-Ching Obelix (Terra Ferma Remix) [Orig. Label: Platipus (UK)] 7:14 135.0
04 Hook, Nick Heart & Soul (Main Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Off The Hook (UK)] 9:42 136.0
05 Trilby Home (Keith Litman Dub) [Orig. Label: Parallel (UK)] 8:34 136.0
06 Arrakis Aira Force (Main Mix) [Orig. Label: Fluid (UK)] 9:05 138.0
07 Algebraic Burning Up (TP Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Caged Records (UK)] 9:41 138.0
08 Locke, Tim Inside My Soul (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Chakras/Lam (UK)] 8:04 138.0
09 Sidewinder Mindsensations (Cold Turkey's Mind Mix) [Orig. Label: Tsunami (Holland)] 6:11 140.0

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