Promo Only: Country Radio [2001-06] June 2001
...CD: Promo Only C-RADIO-2001-06 (US), 2001/06/01.
01 Keith, Toby I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Dreamworks Records] 2:44 124.0
02 Vassar, Phil Six-Pack Summer [Intro: 0:05 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Arista Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:26 100.0
03 Dixie Chicks Heartbreak Town [Intro: 0:12 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Monument Licensee: BMI] 3:52 92.0
04 Tritt, Travis Love of a Woman [Intro: 0:06 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Columbia Records Licensee: BMI] 3:36 75.0
05 Andrews, Jessica Helplessly, Hopelessly [Intro: 0:09 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Dreamworks Records] 3:37 49.0
06 Wright, Chely Never Love You Enough [Intro: 0:16 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: MCA Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:51 70.0
07 Cyrus, Billy Ray Southern Rain [Intro: 0:06 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Monument] 3:56 69.0
08 Tillis, Pam Thunder and Roses [Intro: 0:08 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Arista Records Licensee: BMI] 3:36 106.0
09 Carson, Jeff Real Life (I Never Was the Same Again) [Intro: 0:10 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Curb Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 4:22 85.0
10 Anderson, John It Ain't Easy Being Me [Intro: 0:10 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Epic Records] 3:20 78.0
11 McCabe, Coley Who I Am to You [Intro: 0:24 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: RCA Records Licensee: BMI] 3:19 86.0
12 Coty, Neal Right Down Through the Middle of Us [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Mercury Records Licensee: BMI] 2:23 152.0
13 Rebel Hearts Wrangler Walk [Intro: 0:00 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: House Of Tunes Entertainment] 3:41 100.0
14 Williams, Lucinda Essence [Intro: 0:12 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Lost Highway/Island Def Jam Music Licensee: BMI] 4:35 94.0
15 McClinton, Delbert Birmingham Tonight [Intro: 0:09 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: New West Records] 4:00 116.0
16 Ball, Marcia Thibodaux, Louisiana [Intro: 0:20 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Alligator Records] 3:29 153.0
17 Gillam, Tom Just Like Rain [Intro: 0:19 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Gotham Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 4:04 103.0
18 Myrick, Gary Honk If You Love Jesus [Intro: 0:07 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Tangible Music Licensee: ASCAP] 3:59 127.0

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