Promo Only: Country Radio [2001-01] January 2001
...CD: Promo Only C-RADIO-2001-01 (US), 2001/01/01.
01 Hill, Faith If My Heart Had Wings [Intro: 0:15 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Warner Bros. Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:35 124.0
02 Chesney, Kenny Don't Happen Twice [Intro: 0:18 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: BNA Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:20 79.0
03 Vassar, Phil Rose Bouquet [Intro: 0:10 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Arista Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:52 70.0
04 Gill, Vince Shoot Straight From Your Heart [Intro: 0:14 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: MCA Records Licensee: BMI] 3:49 141.0
05 Tippin, Aaron People Like Us [Intro: 0:13 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Lyric Street Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:21 129.0
06 Clark, Terri No Fear [Intro: 0:07 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Mercury Records] 3:58 112.0
07 McCoy, Neal Beatin' It in [Intro: 0:15 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Giant Records] 3:45 90.0
08 Sons of the Desert What I Did Right [Intro: 0:11 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: MCA Records] 4:11 73.0
09 Montgomery, John Michael That's What I Like About You [Intro: 0:20 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Atlantic Records Licensee: ASCAP] 3:04 121.0
10 Loveless, Patty The Last Thing On My Mind [Intro: 0:11 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Epic Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:17 85.0
11 Rogers, Kenny There You Go Again [Intro: 0:13 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Dreamcatcher Records Licensee: BMI] 2:45 70.0
12 Cyrus, Billy Ray Burn Down the Trailer Park [Intro: 0:08 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Monument] 3:18 111.0
13 Edwards, Meredith A Rose is a Rose [Intro: 0:06 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Mercury Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:00 79.0
14 Jolie & the Wanted Boom [Intro: 0:11 Outro: Cold Orig. Label: Dreamworks Records Licensee: ASCAP/BMI] 3:11 89.0
15 Colbert, John Under the Influence [Intro: 0:17 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: Outback Records] 3:21 110.0
16 Page, Patti New Way Out [Intro: 0:08 Outro: Fade Orig. Label: The Gold Label] 3:52 64.0

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