Promo Only: Alternative Club [2003-03] March 2003
...CD: Promo Only ALT-CLUB-2003-03 (US), 2003/03/01.
01 FC/Kahuna Hayling (ILS Remix) [Orig. Label: Nettwerk Records] 6:29 84.0
02 DJ Spooky with Mad Professor Animal Crackers (Optometry Remix) [Orig. Label: Thirsty Ear Recordings] 5:56 93.0
03 Tiga Hot In Herre (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: !K7 Records] 3:49 122.0
04 Lazard, Sasha Battle of Erishkigal (Wes Wallace Full Vocal) [Orig. Label: OmTown/Higher Octave Music] 6:20 125.0
05 Erasure Solsbury Hill (Manhattan Clique Extended Mix) [Orig. Label: Mute Records] 7:17 125.0
06 Flaming Lips, The Do You Realize (Scott Hardkiss Remix) [Orig. Label: Warner Bros Records] 9:05 130.0
07 Sheik, Duncan On a High (Gabriel & Dresden's Love From Humboldt Vocal) [Orig. Label: Atlantic Records] 8:51 130.0
08 Loes Lee & Meneater Territory (FCB Vs AMB Mix) [Orig. Label: Moving Target (UK)] 7:21 133.0
09 Underworld DinosaurAdventure 3D (Funk D'Void Vocal Remix) [Orig. Label: V2 Records] 7:51 135.0
10 Fischerspooner Emerge (Junkie XL Remix) [Orig. Label: Capitol Records] 8:48 135.0
11 Cosmo Vitelli Robot Soul (Blackstrobe Remix) [Orig. Label: Solid/Astralwerks Records] 6:04 135.0

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