Promo Only: Alternative Club [2000-06] June 2000
...CD: Promo Only ALT-CLUB-2000-06 (US), 2000/06/01.
01 Chemical Brothers, The Music: Response (Futureshock Main Response) [Orig. Label: Astralwerks] 8:18 128.0
02 Basement Jaxx Bingo Bango (Album Version) [Orig. Label: Astralwerks] 5:56 130.0
03 Groove Armada If Everybody Looked the Same (DJ Icey's Artic Mix) [Orig. Label: Jive/Zomba Records] 5:21 130.0
04 Everlasting Throbbing Poppers Pulsing (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Raw Nerve Records] 9:57 130.0
05 Green Velvet Flash (Timo Mas Dirty Dub) [Orig. Label: F-111] 7:32 132.0
06 BT Never Gonna Come Back Down (Album Version) [Orig. Label: Nettwerk America] 5:46 136.0
07 Delerium Silence (DJ Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix) [Orig. Label: Nettwerk America] 11:32 138.0
08 Hybrid feat. Chrissie Hynde Kid 2000 (Kayestone Recon Remix) [Orig. Label: Virgin (U.K.)/Kinetic Records] 9:30 139.0
09 Juju B-Juice (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: F-111] 6:08 175.0
10 Trade Secrets I Know You Got Soul (Acen Mix) [Orig. Label: F-111] 6:44 179.0

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