Promo Only: Alternative Club [1999-12] December 1999
...CD: Promo Only ALT-CLUB-1999-12 (US), 1999/12/01.
01 Underworld Bruce Lee (Micronauts Remix) [Orig. Label: V2 Records] 8:54 115.0
02 Indian Ropeman Sunshine of Your Love (Spectre Mix) [Orig. Label: Skint] 6:18 120.0
03 Gopher, Alex Party People (Bib's & Dim's Disco Around The World) [Orig. Label: V2 Records] 9:25 124.0
04 Zombie, Rob Spook Show Baby (Dub Pistols Remix) [Orig. Label: 1500/Interscope Records] 5:23 125.0
05 Gay Dad Joy! (Brother Brown's Daddy Cool) [Orig. Label: London/ffrr] 7:25 126.0
06 Groove Armada I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix) [Orig. Label: Jive Electro Records] 5:42 130.0
07 DJ Icey M5000 (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: ffrr/UTV Records] 4:17 130.0
08 Beck Sexx Laws (Wiseguys Mix) [Orig. Label: Geffen Records] 5:59 130.0
09 Filter Take a Picture (Hybrid Remix) [Orig. Label: Reprise Records] 8:05 130.0
10 Camouflage Thief (Der Dritte Raum Mix) [Orig. Label: Virgin Records (Germany)] 5:56 130.0
11 Cassius La Mouche (D.J. Falcon New Edit Vinyl) [Orig. Label: Astralwerks] 9:00 131.0

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