Various: Danny Howells Nocturnal Frequencies 3
...Double CD: Logic LGADV-86916-2 (US), 2001/07/10.
1-01 Little Green Men Little Green Intro - -
1-02 Halo Varga Dark Clouds - -
1-03 Halo Primitive - -
1-04 Mo Shic & Zeidan Nightstalker - -
1-05 Creamer, John & Stephane K I Wish You Were Here - -
1-06 Lisha That's Why I'm Here (Lexicon Avenue Mix) - -
1-07 Universal Principal Latin Stroll (Silcone Soul's Hypno House Dub) - -
1-08 Mooncat Exploration - -
1-09 Third Movement Free - -
1-10 Funk D'Void Diabla - -
1-11 Howells Danny Interview [by Darren Ressler (] - -
2-01 Trevor, Dick and Danny Howells pres. Kinkyfunk Kinkyfunk - -
2-02 Fontaine, Yann Open Your Eyes (New Phunk Theory's Little Green Dub) - -
2-03 Trancender Rock Music (Brancaccio & Aisher's Suicide Dub) - -
2-04 Riva The Hunter - -
2-05 Nitzer Ebb Join in the Chant (Remix Instrumental) - -
2-06 Stylus Trouble Sputnik (Mainframe Remix) - -
2-07 Private Taste First (Ashtrax Rerub) - -
2-08 Greed F / Lesley Strange World (Blackwatch 'King Monkey Dub) - -
2-09 Kruse, Monica @ Voodooamt Wavez Cycle - -
2-10 Vandenberg, Mike Flightpath - -
2-11 Changing Shape M - -
2-12 Slam Life Times - -
Note: Logic 3000 / Danny Howells.
Available as double CD: UPC# 74321-86916-2.
DJR Review: A good mix is like a reliable friend. This two disk set has been a faithful companion for a few weeks now. Danny Howells is a master at the craft; weaving a smooth and seamless blend of flowing rhythms. The tracks are deep and pulsing with a warm, under-the-covers, feel. Shallow, reticent vocals scattered throughout brighten the overall dark tone. The first disk lays a solid foundation with resonant, reedy/percussive, uncomplicated tracks. Disk two really sets sail from Yann Fontaine's, "Open Your Eyes", forth into Trancender's, "Rock Music". The more varied tracks include the sputtery Nitzer Ebb, "Join in the Chant", frenetic, bouncy, "Sputnik" (Stylus Trouble), and the magnificent, throbbing and title quipping, "Strange World" (Greed). Slam's "Life Times," brings the mix to a perfect conclusion with its sweeping vibrato chording, reflective vocals and warm vibe.

Check out the Logic 3000 web site for more information on Danny Howells Nocturnal Frequencies 3, including streaming sound clips. To learn more about Danny Howells, don't miss the U.S. exclusive live New York City interview by Darren Ressler of Mixer Mag on disk one.

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