CD Pool (America): UK Underground Beats: Series 3, Vol. 7
...Double CD: CD Pool UKU307 (US), 2002/04/15.
1-1 D:Fuse Deep Seduction (This is What You Want) [Orig. Label: Lift Room Records / Mango Music (UK) Note: CD Pool Exclusive] 9:33 131.0
1-2 Gerber, Guy pres. A.D.D. Soon [Orig. Label: Kinky Vinyl (UK)] 10:04 125.0
1-3 Mike G Bellslut (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Dorigen Music (UK)] 7:21 128.0
1-4 Beat Foundation Save Me (Mike Monday Remix) [Orig. Label: Gusto Records (UK)] 7:26 128.0
1-5 Prototype La Caldera (Nills Hess & Emanuel Einstein Remix) [Orig. Label: Tune Inn Limited (UK)] 10:09 129.0
1-6 Grifters, The Flash (D. Ramirez 'Vudu' Mix) [Orig. Label: Duty Free Recordings (UK)] 8:47 127.0
1-7 Piliavin & Zimbardo Deep Trouble (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Distraekt (UK)] 9:16 130.0
1-8 Loco Eighty Ten (Flatline's Tribalissmo Remix) [Orig. Label: Global Harmony (UK)] 9:43 129.0
2-1 Sir Drew Fat Foot (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Kingsize Records (UK)] 8:44 115.0
2-2 Trigger Rollercoaster (Lexi Love Remix) [Orig. Label: Acetate Ltd. (UK)] 6:20 134.0
2-3 Precision Cuts Busted (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Stratosphere Recordings (UK)] 7:39 146.0
2-4 Housetown Happy on E 2002 (Maurel & Favurelle Mix) [Orig. Label: Funktastica Records (UK)] 8:51 128.0
2-5 Heller, Hardy vs. Inkfish Feelings (John Johnson Remix) [Orig. Label: Tune Inn Records (UK)] 8:09 133.0
2-6 Chamber Thunder Dub (Greed Remix) [Orig. Label: Progress Inn (UK)] 8:30 131.0
2-7 Paper View Paper Weight (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Convert Recordings (UK)] 8:31 136.0
2-8 Perc I Make Nuclear (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: EasyAccess Recordings (UK)] 8:11 129.0
2-9 Guvenen, Yunus Kaiser (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Silver Planet Recordings (UK)] 9:55 127.0

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