CD Pool (America): UK Underground Beats: Series 3, Vol. 2
...Double CD: CD Pool UKU302 (US), 2001/11/14.
1-1 Realm, The This is Not a Breakdown (Dub Mix) [Orig. Label: 3 Beat Music (UK)] 8:04 130.0
1-2 Cowie, Chris Junk Funk (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Bellboy Records (UK)] 5:39 131.0
1-3 Trouble, Thomas & O.S.I.R.I.S. Cadillac Roller (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: white label Note: Licensing contact:] 7:18 139.0
1-4 Prototype La Caldera (Thomas Penton Mix / Thomas Penton) [Orig. Label: Tune Inn Records (UK)] 8:43 129.0
1-5 Pappa & Gibley Skindeep (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Choo Choo Records (UK)] 8:55 129.0
1-6 McLachlan, Sarah Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix) [Orig. Label: Nettwerk Records (UK)] 8:59 127.0
1-7 Christian, Darren Temporal (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Duty Free (UK)] 8:16 133.0
1-8 Sweeney, Pepper H4U (Spiked Re-Rub) [Orig. Label: React (UK)] 8:52 132.0
1-9 Soundtank Universal (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Jenetic Records (UK)] 6:41 134.0
2-1 Moda Tiger (Deep Sky Remix) [Orig. Label: Funked Up (UK)] 7:12 131.0
2-2 Mooncat Exploration (Original Journey) [Orig. Label: Plastica Red (UK)] 7:08 129.0
2-3 Scanners Prayer Five/Six (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Limbo (UK)] 9:37 132.0
2-4 Blackheadz Saturday Night (Dino "Fingers" Ramirez Mix) [Orig. Label: Sporting Records (UK) Note: Licensing contact:] 9:30 127.0
2-5 Apollo, Alex Fly Away (Marco Zaffarano) [Orig. Label: Iceberg Records (UK)] 8:13 139.0
2-6 Basilica The Amulet (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Fluid Recordings (UK)] 10:08 130.0
2-7 Soundtank Cultivator (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Jenetic Records (UK)] 7:05 135.0
2-8 AJ Scent Eat Your heart (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Loaded Records (UK)] 4:56 131.0
2-9 Penton, Thomas Cliffhanger (James Niche Mix) [Orig. Label: Tune Inn (UK)] 8:08 127.0

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