CD Pool (America): UK Underground Beats: Series 2, Vol. 12
...Double CD: CD Pool UKU212 (US), 2001/09.
1-1 Tarrentella Saturn (Quiver Remix / Quiver) [Orig. Label: Whoop! Records (UK)] 7:39 131.0
1-2 Nylon If You Love Me (Mark Shimmon Remix / Mark Shimmon) [Orig. Label: Y2K (UK)] 9:00 129.0
1-3 Soul Grabber Release (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Loaded (UK)] 11:18 127.0
1-4 Leeds, Austin The Divine (Austin's Divine Remix / Austin Leeds) [Orig. Label: Progress Inn (UK)] 7:03 132.0
1-5 EJ Doubell I'm in Process (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Trade Records (UK)] 7:53 144.0
1-6 Red Shift This High (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Choo Choo Records (UK)] 7:51 133.0
1-7 Outlanders Ice (Joshua Cantrell Mix / Joshua Cantrell) [Orig. Label: Source of Gravity Recordings (UK)] 7:46 127.0
1-8 Remosh Shakin' and Burnin' (Burnin' Mix) [Orig. Label: White Label] 9:00 134.0
1-9 Sen, Richard Rough and Dirty (Original Mix) [Orig. Label: Illicit Records (UK)] 5:56 134.0
2-1 Holden, James One for You (Brancaccio & Aisher Suicude Sports Dub / Brancaccio & Aisher) [Orig. Label: Silver Planet Recordings (UK)] 9:47 130.0
2-2 Natious Stylo (Mark Shimmon vs. 3rd Degree Mix / Mark Shimmon & 3rd Degree) [Orig. Label: Tune Inn (UK)] 7:34 131.0
2-3 Greppi's World Una Questione Informatica (The Flame Around K World) [Orig. Label: Plastica Records (UK)] 7:59 124.0
2-4 Fussible Odyssea (La Bellena Mix) [Orig. Label: Sonic360 (UK)] 8:31 123.0
2-5 Pan Galactic Dexter (Original Edit) [Orig. Label: Jenetic Records (UK)] 6:38 132.0
2-6 EJ Doubell I'm in Process (Base Graffitti Remix) [Orig. Label: Trade Records (UK)] 8:14 144.0
2-7 Insignia Revelation (Yum Yum Mix) [Orig. Label: 3 Beat Records (UK)] 9:16 133.0
2-8 Outlanders Silent Conflict (Katakana's ODB Remix) [Orig. Label: Source of Gravity Recordings (UK)] 8:55 129.0

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