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Knuckles, Frankie feat./ Adeva: Welcome to the Real World
...CD: Virgin 724384012922 (US), 1995.
0 Knuckles, Frankie feat./ Adeva Welcome to the Real World - -
01 Knuckles, Frankie Fanfare [Time: 1:26] - -1.0
02 Knuckles, Frankie feat./ Adeva Welcome to the Real World [Time: 3:39] - 119.6
03 ..."... Too Many Fish [Time: 4:20] - 100.0
04 ..."... Love Can Change It [Time: 5:27] - 115.7
05 ..."... Keep It Real [Time: 4:44] - 120.6
06 ..."... You're Number One (In My Book) [Time: 4:51] - -1.0
07 ..."... Passion & Pain [Time: 5:45] - 97.1
08 ..."... What Am I Missin' [Time: 4:52] - 110.0
09 ..."... Whadda U Want (from Me) [Time: 4:59] - 120.1
10 ..."... Tell Me Why [Time: 4:42] - -1.0
11 Knuckles, Frankie feat./ Adeva and/ Ricky Dillard's New Generation Chorale Walkin' [Time: 4:59] - 120.6
12 Knuckles, Frankie Tribute / Reprise [Time: 2:18] - -1.0
Producer: Frankie Knuckles, et al.
DJR Review: Uh oh, I thought, as I pushed start and track 1 played; they accidentally mispackaged a classical CD. But after all, "Fanfare," is a symphonic opening and wonderful intro which delightfully plunges into the hard pumping, invigorating, tribal house title track, "Welcome to the Real World," evoking images, at times, of, "The Eve of the War," (Jeff Wayne/Ben Liebrand) overlain by the rich vocal antics of Adeva. Jr. Vasquez might as well of had his hands on this track with its infectious rhythms and nagging deep organ chording. With track 3, "Too Many Fish," (the first single release) the album settles into rather straight forward house/R&B fusion rhythms and downtempo ballads (tracks 6 & 10). Each fully carried by Adeva's powerful and distinctive vocals in her typical style and pleasant taken alone, but rather monotonous in one sitting. Passion & Pain (track 7) stands out as more chunkily loping and percussive, ala En Vogue. The album is wrapped by the Adeva wailing / full gospel choir, "Walkin'," and benediction like, spoken, "Tribute."

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