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Various: Dance Classics: The Hits: Volume 12
...CD: Unidisc SPLK-7142 (Canada), 1993.
01 Crown Heights Affair You Gave Me Love (|PR| Freida Nerangis & Britt Britto)[Note: With a "Shake your booty"-ish chrod progresion.] - 95.8
02 Juvet, Patrick I Love America (|PR| Jacques Morali) - 124.6
03 Parker, Paul Right on Target [Producer: Patrick Cowley] - 121.5
04 Oh Romeo These Memories (|PR| Bobby Orlando) - 141.2
05 D Train Walk on By (Francois Kevorkian) - 114.6
06 Hartman, Dan I Can Dream About You (John "Jellybean" Benitez) - 112.4
07 Low, Gary La Colegiala (Mark Covaccioli)[Note: Ala "Las Isla Bonita."] - 105.0
08 Murdock, Lydia Super Star (|PR| Gerry Gabinelli & Michael Burt)[Note: A clone of, "Billie Jean," which was released in the same year.] - 117.7
09 Hi Gloss You'll Never Know (Gene Leone & Giuliano Salerni) - 98.5
10 Ayers, Roy Running Away (|PR| Roy Ayers) - 115.9
11 Man Parrish Hip Hop Bee Bop (Don't Stop) (Jose "Animal" Diaz) - 119.0

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