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Various: Dance Classics: The Hits: Volume 6
...CD: Unidisc SPLK-7136 (Canada), 1993.
01 Wesley, Fred & the J.B.'s Doing it To Death (|PR| James Brown) - 114.5
02 Gap Band Early in the Morning (Rick Gianatos) - 120.6
03 Gary's Gang Keep on Dancin' (Robert Matichak) - 120.0
04 Kool & the Gang Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh la la la) (|PR| Eumir Deodato) - 96.9
05 Frey, Glenn The Heat is On (Brian Reeves)[Outro: vf] - 149.9
06 Lime Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight (|PR| Denis LePage) - 132.5
07 Tavares It Only Takes a Minute (|PR| Dennis Lambert & Brian Potter) - 122.2
08 Jiani, Carol Hit N' Run Lover - 121.2
09 Jacobs, Debbie Undercover Lover (|PR|||AR| Paul Sabu) - 135.1
10 S-Express Theme from S-Express (|PR| Mark Moore & Pascal Gabriel) - 117.5
11 Two Tons of Fun I Got the Feeling (John Korarek |PR| J=Harvey Fuqua) - 124.9
12 Musique In the Bush (Francois Kevorkian |PR| Patr. Adams) - 131.9

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