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Various: Beat Your Meat (Moove Your Body 2)
...CD: Tribal America 724382849322 (US), 1994.
0 Various Beat Your Meat (Moove Your Body 2) (Prod.: Rob Di Stefano & Mark Davenport) - -
01 Eastmen U Dig (Pacific Dub / Frank O'Reilly & Oscar Fullone w/NP) - 123.9
02 Spiritual Experience, The In the Presence of Angels (Tribal Love Mix / Mr. Onester & Steven C.) - 124.0
03 Pascal's Bongo Massive Pere Cochon (I Like It) (Where Ya Goin'? Factory M / Junior Vasquez & Fred Jorio) - 124.0
04 Nevins Work Me (Jason Nevins)[Note: Familiar bassline ala Hazell Dean, "Turn It Into Love."] - 122.8
05 Vasquez, Junior Get Your Hands Off My Man (Sound Factory Edit / Ed. by Rob Di Stefano & Louie Balo) [Note: MURK-ish] - 122.6
06 Misbehavin' f/ Joi Cardwell Hot Little Body (Erotic Vocal Mix / Fred Jorio & Behavior) - 124.0
07 Liberty City If You Really Love Somebody (MURK Strikes Again Mix / Ralph Falcon & Oscar Gaetan) - 120.0
08 Daou, The Give Myself to You (Danny Tenaglia) - 124.0
09 Thyone Girls Keep on Pumpin' (Ode to Joy Mix / J. Salvador, D. Bune & DJ Antoine) [Note: W/ "take me to the top," sample and "keep on pumpin' it up," sample.] - 130.7
10 Lisa Lisa Skip to My Lu (Skip to My House Mix / Junior Vasquez) [Note: Dies at 3:00 elap.] - 122.0

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