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Various: DJ Culture: The Stress Recording Story-So Far
...CD: Stress STRSCD2 (UK), 1993.
01 Brown, Kathy Can't Play Around (The Big Bump Mix / Marc Auerbach & Steve Travell) - 126.0
02 Brothers Love Dubs The Mighty Ming (Brothers in Rhythm Club M / Brothers in Rhythm) - 123.2
03 Bedrock feat./ Kyo For What You Dream Of (Instrumental Edit / John Digweed & Nick Muir) - 127.1
04 Creative Thieves Nasty Rhythm (Sasha's M.F.I. Mix / Sasha) - 120.0
05 Voices of 6th Avenue Call Him Up (Slam Mix / Orde Meikle & Stuart McMillan) - 123.6
06 All Boxed In Happen (Tolley's Stressed Mix / Glyn Tolley) - 129.9
07 Mindwarp One (SSL Full Mix / Mindwarp) - 130.0
08 Reefa You Can't Stop the Groove (Mensa Mix / Chad Jackson) - 129.8
09 Hustlers Convention Give it All to Me (Level Best Mix) - 123.9
10 PKA Let Me Hear You Say Yeah (Phil Kelsey's '93 Remix / Phil Kelsey) - 130.1
11 Last Rhythm Last Rhythm (Sure is Pure Remix / Sure is Pure) - 121.5

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