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Various: This is Strictly Rhythm: Vol. 4
...CD: Strictly Rhythm 316CD (US), 1994.
01 Believers, The Who Dares to Believe in Me (Original Mix / Roy Davis, Jr.) - 121.2
02 Rhythm Factor You Bring Me Joy (Bop Til' You Drop Mix / Shank Thompson & Paul Scott) - 122.8
03 Sun, Sun, Sun Curious (Vocal Mix / Lil' Louie Vega) [Note: Although the rhythms begin interestingly, they tend to drone on. The lyrics are nothing more than the mumblings of a raving lunatic drug addict. As music is an expression of emotion, this conveys haze and confusion. God bless this world, we need it.] - 122.9
04 Morel's Grooves Part 4 Let's Groove (George Morel)[Note: Instrumental] - 125.2
05 Loop 7 The Theme (The Legend Mix / Satoshi Tomiie) [BPM info: Slows at 2:58 elap. to 96.1 bpm, speeds again to 119.4 bpm, then slows again to 95.5 bpm.] - 119.4
06 Smooth Touch presents/ Re-arranged and add. prod. by Anthony Acid House of Love (In My House) (THe Raise Your House Mix / Erick "More" Morillo & Keny Lewis) [Desc.: ala Goodmen] - 125.9
07 Van Helden, Armand Witch Doktor (Armand Van Helden) - 124.9
08 Boss, The Conga (Tunnel Mix / David Morales) - 124.0
09 Circle Children Zulu (Change Mix / Armand Van Helden) [Desc.: Tribal/jungle] - 124.9
10 Androgeny |FE| Michael M I Could Be This... (Psycho Queen Mix / Giuseppe D.) - 128.0
11 Morel's Grooves Part 6 This My Party (Bitch Get Out) (M's Sound Factory Party M / George Morel) [Note: Spoken male RuPaul-ish campy energetic house track.] - 124.8
12 M & M So Deep, So Good (George Morel & Erick "More" Morillo)[Note: Tribal/jungle beat.] - 124.7

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