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Stereo Pimps: Disco Express E.P.
...12 inch vinyl: Soundshaft Records SSM-0001 (US), 1997.
0 Stereo Pimps Disco Express E.P. - -
A1 ..."... Funk Me Out (Frankie Medina & Jose "Jr" Jimenez) - 126.7
A2 ..."... Hot 2 Trot (Frankie Medina & Jose "Jr" Jimenez) - 130.0
B1 ..."... Fonkastyalistical (Frankie Medina & Jose "Jr" Jimenez) - 126.1
B2 ..."... Funk Me Out (Improvised Deep Organ Mix / Frankie Medina & Jose "Jr" Jimenez) - 127.0
Note: Prod. and mixed by Frankie Medina & Jose "Jr" Jimenez, exec. prod. Carlos Franco. Track 1, 2 and 3 arranged by Frankie Fusion Medina. Track 3 written by Jose "Jr" Jimenez. Tracks 3 & 4 arranged/ keyboards by Jose "Jr" Jimenez.
DJR Review: Four track EP on gray vinyl. "Funk Me Out", track A1, has an authentic funk/disco chugging rhythm loop puntucated with "funk me out" / "get it up" vocals. A2, aptly named, "Hot 2 Trot," is based purely on a funky guitar riff. "Fonkastyalistical" leads the flip; this is an electro funk tune with a "blow your whistle" shouting MC. My favorite, the infectious, B2 track, "Funk Me Out" (Improvised Deep Organ Mix), rounds out the package. This has one of those meandering hypnotic, jazzy organ lines (ala Jaydee, "Plastic Dreams") overlaying a steady percussion which builds into a relentless funky rhythm.) --DJ E-Mission

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