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Erasure: Breath of Life
...CD5 sgl.: Sire 9 40344-2 (US), 1992.
1 Erasure Breath of Life (Single Remix / Dave Bascombe) - 132.0
2 ..."... Breath of Life (Divine Inspiration Mix / Phil Kelsey) [Desc.: With bubbling almost "I Feel Love"-ish organ tones.] - 132.2
3 ..."... Breath of Life (Swiss Mix / Dave Bascombe) [Desc.: Sparser, more high pitched.] - 132.0
4 ..."... Waiting for Sex (Full Version / Bob Kraushaar) - 125.9
5 ..."... Breath of Life (Umbilical Mix / Joey Beltram) - 132.0
6 ..."... Breath of Life (Elixir Mix / Robin Hancock, Erasure & ...) [Note: Mixed by Robin Hancock, Erasure & Daniel Miller.] - 132.2
7 ..."... Breath of Life (Stripped Mix / Phil Kelsey) [Desc.: Voxless, except for near ending a verse is sung. "I Feel Love"-ish.] - 132.2
8 ..."... Carry on Clangers - 120.0

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