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Various: Trance
...CD: Rumour CDRAID508 (UK), 1992.
01 Herbal Infusion The Hunter (Herbal Club Mix) - 120.0
02 Havanna Schtoom - 124.8
03 Age of Love Age of Love (Watch Out for Stella CM / Jam El Mar & Mark Spoon) - 130.0
04 Boomshanka Do What U Wanna Do (Jagz & Gary Burns) - 124.9
05 React 2 Rhythm Intoxication (Dubfield Mix / Leftfield) - 119.8
06 Aloof, The feat./ Nicolia, Ricardo On a Mission - 126.0
07 Uncle Bob Uncle Bob's Burly House (Prod. Philip Kelsey) - 124.1
08 Bizarre Tracks Sensory Delight (Mark Cheney & Michael Sershall) - 124.8
09 Drum Club, The You Make Me Feel So Good (The Deep n' Hard Mix / Ernie & Bert Productions) - 125.8
10 Acorn Arts II Body (The Zoom Snake Charmer Mx / Billy Nasty & Dave Wesson) - 125.9
11 Mind Over Rhythm The Crossing - 138.5

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