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Promo Only: Underground Club [1999-03] March 1999
...CD: Promo Only U-CLUB-1999-03 (US), 1999/03.
01 Dubtribe Sound System El Regalo De Amor (Club Mix) 5:53 122.0
02 Lovelace, Kimara When Can Our Love Begin (Timmy Regisford Shelter Mix) 13:21 122.0
03 Birken & Bones Party Hardee (Original Mix) 6:24 124.0
04 DJ Duke Amor (Club Mix) 12:46 126.0
05 Masters At Work MAW Pres. A Tribute To Fela (MAW Expensive) 11:53 127.0
06 Tribe Called Quest vs. Pimpjuice, A Go Ahead In The Rain (Pimp Juice Playa's Paradise Mix) 6:10 128.0
07 C12 Hooked On Coke (Benji Candelario Mix) 4:37 128.0
08 Richard F Feel The Rhythm (Club Mix) 5:36 133.0
09 Plasmic Honey Ride The Trip (Lift Off Mix) 8:34 134.0

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