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Promo Only: Underground Club [1998-05] May 1998
...CD: Promo Only U-CLUB-1998-05 (US), 1998/05.
01 Ananda Project Feat. Gaelle Adisson, The I Think I'm Losing You (Cascades Of Colour EP) 7:30 121.0
02 Johnick You And Nothing Else (Henry St. Mix) 3:39 124.0
03 Ruffneck Baby U (MAW Mix) 5:19 125.0
04 Soul Creation Dreams (Guitar Mix) 9:43 125.0
05 Crash Crew, The Say Yeah (Club Mix) 5:54 125.0
06 Imajin Feat. Keith Murray Shorty (You Keep Playin' With My Mind) (Spensane Dub #1) 8:41 125.0
07 Enaj I'm For Real (Johan S Main Vocal Mix) 6:17 128.0
08 Drum Hustler Just Me & You (Club Mix) 4:18 128.0
09 S., Robin Midnight (Soundclash Dub) 7:32 128.0
10 Kassandra Somebody To Love Me (Presence Club Mix) 4:54 128.0
11 Dimitri From Paris Sacre Francais (Chronicles Mix) 7:19 129.0

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