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Promo Only: Rhythm Club [1999-04] April 1999
...CD: Promo Only R-CLUB-1999-04 (US), 1999/04.
01 702 Where My Girls At? (Radio Edit) 2:48 92.0
02 Total Sitting Home (Radio Edit) 4:17 95.0
03 Innerlude Feat. E-40 You Can't See Me (Flava Mix) 4:13 95.0
04 Benet, Eric Feat. Faith Evans Georgy Porgy (Somethin' For The People Remix) 4:57 97.0
05 Thrill Da Playa Feat. Luke Don't Start No Shhh! (Extended Mix) 7:24 102.0
06 Blackstreet Feat. Janet Girlfriend/Boyfriend (Radio Edit) 4:05 103.0
07 Trina & Tamara What'd You Come Here For? (Eddie's R&B Smash Mix) 3:36 103.0
08 Meja All 'Bout The Money (Galaxy Of Stars Remix) 4:17 119.0
09 Midler, Bette I'm Beautiful (Brinsley Evans Remix) 4:17 124.0
10 M:G Think Twice (Rhythm Radio Extended) 4:51 130.0
11 SF Spanish Fly Vissions (Radio Edit) 3:30 130.0
12 Krayzie Bone Thug Mentality (Prince Ice Cali Bass Mix) 5:10 131.0
13 One Voice All Day All Night (Kamikaze) 5:12 132.0
14 Cynthia Thinkin' About You (Album Version) 3:55 132.0
15 Master Mixin' Mando Feat. Stigma Pan De Dulce (Sweet Bread) (Hype House Mix) 5:30 135.0
16 Caprice There Goes Your Heart (Original Extended Mix) 6:58 135.0

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