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Promo Only: Rhythm Club [1999-01] January 1999
...CD: Promo Only R-CLUB-1999-01 (US), 1999/01.
01 DeMastas Ain't No Sunshine (Full Length) 3:48 89.0
02 Mystikal That's The Rapper (Radio) 3:28 89.0
03 Timbaland Feat. Jay-Z Lobster & Scrimp (Clean Version) 4:53 91.0
04 Flipmode Squad Hit Em Wit Da Heat (LP Version) 4:17 98.0
05 Ice Cube Feat. Noreaga & Gillie Da Kid Pushin' Weight (Remix) (Clean Version) 4:51 98.0
06 Roots Feat. Dice Raw & Beans, The Adrenaline (Clean Version) 4:28 102.0
07 Busta Rhymes Do The Bus A Bus (LP Version) 4:58 103.0
08 Kid Capri Feat. Luke When We Party (LP Version) 4:11 116.0
09 McLaren, Malcolm & The World Famous Supreme Team Buffalo Gals Stampede (S-Man's Spicy Buffalo Wings Mix) 5:44 125.0
10 Sancocho Alcen Las Manos (Club Mix) 5:22 126.0
11 Victoria Angeles I'll Give You Everything (East Coast Mix) 5:20 127.0
12 Hangman, The Shake It High (Shake It Up Club Mix) 7:10 127.0
13 Camrie Hold On (Extended Rhythmic Mix) 4:58 129.0
14 Divine Lately (Cibola Extended Mix) 6:16 133.0
15 Rockell When I'm Gone (Slammin' Sam's Wild Wesside Remix) 5:59 133.0

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